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The entire life of living,you know.As the first family,in the White House你们全家的生活 作为第一家庭 入住白宫的这种生活They were,how old,7 and 10? 7 and 10 when we moved into the white house两个女儿那时多大 7岁 10岁 是 刚进白宫的时候她们一个7岁一个10岁And now they are 10 and 13? 10 and 13,wow,yes,they came big现在10岁 13岁,10岁 13岁 长大了So what is,I konw the worst part,youve said before,what is the best part for them你之前说过糟糕的方面 好的方面是什么You know,there are so many wonderful parts.I mean,we are really blessed精的事情很多 我们真的很幸运You know,they get to travel,they get to see the world in ways that most kids dont get to see他们四处旅行 以其他孩子看不到的方式看世界I mean,life in our house is normal.I mean,once they get up in that elevator,the我们的生活很普通 一旦进到电梯里You know,the rules and the values of who we are and who we always have been take over我到底是谁 这种理念就会占上风So you know the fact that weve been able to maintain that in the White House is just been所以我们住在白宫也可以继续过那种普通的生活You know,just a wonderful surprise.But you know,they,every day they are blessed and we remind them you are some lucky kids这让人惊喜 但她们真的很幸运 我们也每天提醒她们是多么幸运的孩子Yeah,yeah,they really are.And to see different things in the world.Do they like,do they make their own bed?确实很幸运 见世上不同的东西 她们喜欢 她们自己铺床吗Yeah,they have rules,they have to make their own bed.but they have to clean their rooms,clean their bathrooms是 她们有自己的规矩 得自己铺床 打扫房间 打扫浴室They have to take Ball out.So,they have to take him out when theyre home from school带Ball出去玩 她们放学后得带Ball出去Sasha is doing laundry,which she is into now.well see how long that lastsSasha刚开始洗衣 她现在非常喜欢洗衣 我们看着她能坚持多久She washes her jeans.Washing and dry and folding,is she a good folder.Yeah,she folds她自己洗牛仔裤 清洗 晒干 折叠 她会叠衣吗 会的Thats the most important thing,you can do laundry,but if you are not a good folder,you might as well wash it again.Its over,its over,yeah这才是最重要的 或许会洗衣 但如果叠不好 可能还要重洗 前功尽弃But she,she and her grandma,they do their laundry together她和她祖母一起洗衣 /201609/466399Trying, I think, to clear the path to the oval.I think thats Mellie long term goal.我在试图为我入驻白宫清扫障碍 我觉得那是麦莉的长期目标Do you think, I mean, do you know,You dont know whats happening?你觉得 我是说 你知道吗 你根本不知道发生了什么事I dont know whats happening that week.Cause you dont know week to week.下周剧情是什么我都不知道 直到一周前你们都是不知道的No. We are trying to keep everything very close to the vest,And we are happy with that. Cause she is a genius.对 我们尽量把事情做得小心谨慎 我们对此很高兴 因为她是个天才But, yeah, I think it feels like Mellie is planting little seeds,我觉得就好像麦莉种下了一颗种子And kind of getting things that she has been very frustrated in an ornamental role.然后终于有所收获了 她感到十分沮丧 自己是个花瓶的角色So, I think she is gonna hopefully have a change to flourish.我觉得她很希望能得到机会大展身手I am sure she will fail miserably, because you know,Mellies things arent always going so well.但是肯定会输得一塌糊涂 因为 你知道的 麦莉的剧情发展得都不是很好You straightened up real fast,cause you were drinking for a while.你很快就振作起来了 有一阵你酗酒And then you just clean up, like just do, just quit like that.然后你就彻底戒掉了 干净利落Thats just a shower, thats not neceesorily, not drinking.I see, I see, youre still drinking out on the balcony.那只是个小打击 并不重要 又不是酗酒 我懂 我懂 你还是会在阳台上喝酒And so, you and Portias character, Lizzie,Seem like you are in cahoots to do something also, right?你和波西亚演的角色 利兹 看起来你们两个在共同谋划些什么 对吧How wonderful is it? You get to see her all the time.多么美妙啊 你经常能见到她But now we get to go to work to see the Portia,She is the best grown in the world.但是现在我们能在拍戏时见到波西亚 她是世界上最棒的人Yes. - We are super protective of our little family.对啊 -我们都对自己的家庭有着超强的保护欲We are very welcoming group,but, like, its a nice bunch of people我们是特别受欢迎的组合 但是就像在一堆友好的人里面And you are like one sort of mean-spirited person away from it And all kind of fallen away.你是那个格格不入的小心眼的人 然后大家慢慢疏远 /201602/427408On Wednesday the Egyptian committee investigating the crash of Egypt Air Flight MS804 reported a French naval vessel has been picking up signals 周三,调查失事航班MS804的埃及委员会报道称,一艘法国海军船只接收到信号,that are believed to be from the black boxes of doomed flight. 这被认为来自失事班机的黑匣子。The committee said in a statement that French naval vessel ;La Place; had received signals from the search area which are assumed to be from the planes data recorders. 委员会在一份声明中表示,法国军舰“拉普拉斯”在搜索区域接受到信号,假定来自飞机数据记录器。Egypt has been leading a multi-national effort to recover the flight recorders from the crashed Airbus A320. 埃及一直领导多国努力,从坠毁的空中客机A320上恢复飞行记录。The jet crashed on May 19 with 66 people on board while en route from Paris to Cairo.这架飞机载有66人,于5月19日在巴黎飞往开罗的途中坠毁。译文属。201606/447688On Tuesday, President Obama called for quicker development of tests, vaccines and treatments to fight the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus. 周二,奥巴马总统呼吁加快对蚊传播病毒的检测、疫苗和治疗。The fast-sping virus has been linked to birth defects and could sp to the ed States in warmer months. 迅速传播的病毒与婴儿出生缺陷有关,在暖和的月份可能会扩散到美国。The White House said in a statement, ;The president emphasized the need to accelerate research efforts to make available better diagnostic tests, to develop vaccines and therapeutics, 白宫在一份声明中表示,“总统强调需要加快研究工作,以便更好的诊断测试、开发疫苗和治疗,and to ensure that all Americans have information about the Zika virus and steps they can take to better protect themselves from infection.; 并确保所有美国公民了解寨卡病毒,更好的保护自己免受传染。”On Monday, the World Health Organization also predicted the virus would sp to all countries across the Americas except for Canada and Chile.周一,世界卫生组织还预测,除了加拿大和智利以外该病毒将扩散到美洲的所有国家。译文属。201601/424516

London embassies伦敦大使馆Envoy envy招人嫉妒的大使馆Embassies in London are worth a lot of money伦敦的大使馆价值不菲IN America sold its embassy in fashionable Grosvenor Square for a reported £500m (0m) to Qatars sovereign wealth fund. By 2017 its new embassy should be y in gritty Vauxhall. The details of embassies ownership or leaseholds are not known, but a new survey has created a sort of “fantasy embassy valuation”, estimating how other nations could be cashing in.年,美国以媒体报道的5亿英镑(8亿美元)向卡塔尔主权财富基金出售了其位于时尚的格罗夫纳广场的大使馆。美国在地表多沙的沃克斯豪尔(位于英国伦敦南部)的新使馆也将于2017年建成。使馆所有权和使用权的细节都不为人所知,但是一项新调查却创造了一种“大使馆估算体系”,以此来评估其他国家如何赚得个盆满钵盈。The report, by Spears, a magazine, and Lichfields, a buying agent, suggests that the embassies of Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia could be worth more than £100m each (assuming they were sold as residential freeholds). More surprisingly, the Nepalese embassy and Zambian high commission, both in Kensington, are worth £30m and £40m respectively. Many members of the British Commonwealth gained locations in central London decades ago: Uganda, Zimbabwe and Tanzania have swanky central digs that would fetch a fortune.Spear杂志和买方代理商Lichfields的一项报告声称,日本、德国和沙特阿拉伯大使馆的价值可能超过1亿英镑/一座(如果他们把大使馆作为住宅不动产来出售的话)。更令人惊讶的是,位于肯辛顿的尼泊尔大使馆和赞比亚高级专员公署,分别价值3亿英镑和4亿英镑。早在数十年前,就有许多英联邦成员在伦敦中心占有一席之地:乌干达、津巴布韦和坦桑尼亚在伦敦中心地带都有房产,都可以大赚一笔。Some are aly liquidating their assets. Canada sold the long lease on Macdonald House, its consular section in Grosvenor Square, for £306m last year. The Dutch embassy on Hyde Park Gate is for sale and could fetch £150m. The Chinese may sell their embassy in Portland Place and search for a new site, perhaps also in Vauxhall.有些国家甚至已经开始清算他们的资产。加拿大去年以3.06亿英镑的价格出售了麦克唐纳大厦的长期租赁权,麦克唐纳大厦是加拿大在格罗夫纳广场的领事处。荷兰位于海德公园大门的大使馆也在出售,可能会卖到1.5亿英镑。中国也打算卖掉其在波特兰的大使馆,正为新使馆寻找一个合适的地址,或许也是在沃克斯豪尔。The cheapest embassy appears to be North Koreas semi-detached house in Gunnersbury. But least proportionate to national wealth could be the consulate of Tuvalu, based in a £750,000 property in Wimbledon. If sold, it could pay off 11% of the tiny states national debt.最便宜的大使馆似乎是朝鲜在根拿斯贝利的半独立式房屋。但与国民财富最不相当的要数图瓦卢的领事馆了,位于温布尔登,价值75万英镑。如果出售,所卖得的钱就可以偿还这个小国家国家债务的11%。 译者:胡雅琳 校对:邵夏沁译文属译生译世 /201411/340141

At the end of his presidency, Barack Obama is offering transparency on the use of drones in combat zones,在总统任期结尾,奥巴马正提供战区使用无人机的透明度,information which human rights groups and media organizations have sought for years.这是人权组织和媒体多年来寻求的信息。Since taking to the Oval Office, Obama as the commander-in-chief has seen to the increased use of drone strikes, at times drawing criticism for civilian casualties.自担任总统以来,作为总司令的奥巴马已增加使用无人机空袭,有时因平民伤亡引发批评。Now, the Obama administration has provided a stark tally of noncombatant deaths associated with the use of drones in countries beyond Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.现在,奥巴马政府已经提供除在伊拉克、阿富汗和叙利亚外无人机使用造成非战斗人员死亡的数据。According to the administrations figures, drone strikes have resulted in 64 to 116 deaths under Obamas watch.根据政府的数据,在奥巴马领导下无人机空袭已造成64至116人死亡。译文属。201607/452357

Bribery贿赂Graft work移花接木A new study lights up the shadows无处遁形GONE are the days when multinationals could book bribes paid in far-flung countries as a tax-deductible expense. These days would-be palm-greasers have to contend with ever-tougher enforcement of old laws, such as Americas Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, and a raft of new ones in countries from Britain to Brazil.有种日子一去不复返了,想当年,跨国公司可以先行贿,然后在远远找个国家付以抵扣公司税。 如今,想要伸手的人必须面对依然严峻的原有法令,例如1977年的美国反海外贿赂法,以及从英国到巴西等国家的一大堆新颁法令。 As policing is stepped up, however, much about the practice of bribery remains murky. The OECDs first report on the subject, published on December 2nd, sheds some light by analysing more than 400 international bribery cases that have been brought since the anti-bribery convention of this group of mostly rich countries came into force in 1999.虽然加强了监管,但是,许多贿赂行为仍然在暗处作祟。国际经合组织首次就此问题撰写的首次报告在12月2日发表,通过分析从1999年主要是由发达国家组成的该组织颁布的反贿赂公约生效以来的超过400起跨国贿赂案例,而发人深省。Some findings confirm what was known or suspected. The most bribe riddled sectors are oil, gas, mining, construction and transport. At the other end of the spectrum, financial services and retailing are fairly clean. Most bribes go to managers of state-owned companies, followed by customs officials. And America leads the enforcement pack, with 128 cases that resulted in sanctions (see chart).一些调查结果实了那些所知到的和所怀疑的东西。贿赂最泛滥的领域是石油、天然气、采矿、建筑和运输业。而在该序列的另一端,金融务和零售业则相当清白。大多数贿赂聚焦在国有企业的管理人员,其次是海关官员。美国查处力度最大,处置了128起案件。But the report also undermines some common beliefs. Bribery is not a sin of rogue employees or poor countries. In 53% of cases payments were made or authorised by corporate managers (and in 12% of them by the chief executive). More than 40% of the time, the bribe-taking official was in a developed country (though this figure is probably inflated by rich countries greater willingness to criminalise bribery and co-operate with cross-border investigations). Authorities are often alerted by firms themselves: those that co-operate quickly are often treated leniently.但报告也对一些常识造成了冲击。贿赂不是居心不良的员工和贫穷国家才有的罪恶。在53%的案件中由公司管理者亲自或授权付贿款,其中12%由总裁进行。超过40%的案件中,受贿的公务人员来自发达国家(虽然这个数据可能被发达国家的惩治贿赂以及进行跨国协作调查的强烈意愿夸大了)。当局常常收到公司自己的报案:毕竟坦白从宽嘛。Nevertheless, the cleanest countries tend to be rich, and the dirtiest poor. Four of the five best-performing countries in Transparency Internationals latest corruption-perceptions index, also published this week, were Nordic. The worst were North Korea and Somalia. (Interestingly, Chinas score slipped despite a recent high-profile campaign against corrupt officials.)尽管如此,最清廉的国家仍然是那些富国,而最糟糕的还是穷国。五个在“透明国际”组织最新的清廉指数中(也是本周刚刚发布)表现得最好的国家是北欧。最差的是朝鲜和索马里。(有意思的是,尽管近期有高调的反腐运动,中国的评分仍然下降了)The cost of bribery varies by industry. Builders pay a modest average of 4% of a transactions value; extractive companies a hefty 21%. Add to that the rising costs of paying penalties and conducting internal probes—these cost Siemens, for example, .4 billion when it was mired in a graft scandal a few years ago—and bribery starts to look bad not just for reputations, but also for bottom lines.行贿的成本因行业而异。建筑商平均付成交价的4%,较为适中;而采掘业企业则高达21%。加上那些日益上升的罚款和进行内部调查的出(以西门子为例,当数年前深陷贪污门之时,这些费用高达24亿美元),于是,如今行贿可不仅仅是名誉上看起来不妙,更关乎盈亏生死。Even for firms that are not caught, the business case for bribery is far from clear. A 2013 study by Harvard Business School and Americas National Bureau of Economic Research found that what bribe-paying companies gain in higher sales in corrupt countries, they lose in lower profit margins. According to the OECD, the average bribe costs 11% of the transactions value and 35% of associated profits.即使是对那些还没有东窗事发的公司,搞贿赂的生意也是一摊烂账。2013年由哈佛商学院和美国全国经济研究局的研究表明,行贿公司虽然在一些腐败国家的赢得了更高的销售额,但实际上由于降低了利润率而蒙受损失。根据经合组织的调查,平均的行贿出占到交易额的11%和相关利润的35%。Nevertheless, graft remains alive and well. One of the OECD reports authors told a conference this week that 390 cases are under investigation—not far short of the total number resolved since the OECD convention took effect 15 years ago. The number of cases concluded each year has dipped since a peak in 2011 as the time taken to complete investigations and prosecutions has climbed to more than seven years, from under four in 2008.即使这样,贪腐仍然搞得有声有色。经合组织报告的一位作者在本周的一次会议上谈到目前正在调查390起案件,与自从经合组织公约15年前生效以来已了结总案件数差的不远了。每年结案的数量自从2011年达到峰值以来逐年下降,因为那正开展全面调查和起诉,从2008年不到4起攀升到七年来的最高峰的时候。One possible reason for the slowdown is that bribery techniques are growing more sophisticated and thus harder to detect. Another could be the widesp use of opaque corporate structures to conceal wrongdoing. These can be devilishly difficult to unpick, especially when they are stacked in several layers and fronted by nominee directors. Anonymous shell companies and other intermediaries—sometimes dressed up as “consultants”—were used to move or to house payments in more than 70% of cases. The OECD report underlines the importance of cracking down on the misuse of shell companies and enforcing more clarity over ownership of companies and trusts, whether through accessible corporate registers—a move being pushed by some G20 countries, led by Britain—or by tougher regulation of service providers that do the paperwork for new firms.放缓的原因之一是收受贿赂的手段越来越玄妙,从而更难于察觉。另一个原因可能是普遍使用的不透明公司结构隐匿了丑行。剥离这些结构异常艰难,特别当是这种组织层层堆叠,由提名董事来在前面顶缸的时候。在70%的案例中,匿名的皮包公司和其他中间人(通常扮演“顾问公司”角色)用来转移或隐匿所付款项。经合组织的报告凸显了打击滥用空壳公司和明晰公司及信托公司权属的重要性,要么是通过方便的公司注册检索(一些G20国家推动了该项运动,由英国牵头),要么对负责经办新公司事宜的务商的严格监管。 翻译:沈竹 校对:刘苗苗 译文属译生译世 /201412/347647

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