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Lets bring in our current affairs commentator Einar Tangen to size up Chinas trade picture for 2014.时事员艾那·唐根来评估2014年中国的贸易情况。China has become the worlds largest trade in goods nation. But the commerce minister still stresses that China is not a ;strong; trading nation. Comment on this and what it means for Chinas trade structure.中国已经成为世界上最大的贸易国。但是商业部长依然强调道,中国还不是一个强大的贸易国家。请就此进行点评,这对中国的贸易结构意味着什么?Talk about the potential trade picture this year. Need to pick up some slack to achieve trade targets?请就今年中国的贸易情况进行分析。是否需要采取一些宽松政策来达到贸易目标吗?Downside risks to Chinese trade in 2014?2014年中国贸易是否存在下行风险?201403/279409Malaysias prime minister has announced there is no longer any doubt that missing Malaysian flight 370 went down in the southern Indian Ocean. In a short press conference late on Monday night, Rajib Razak said the conclusion was reached following new satellite data.大马首相已经宣布失联马航370在南印度洋坠毁。在周一的简短的新闻发布会上,Rajib Razak 表示该结论是根据最新的卫星数据所达成。For more on this, our reporter James Chau is standing by in Kuala Lumpur and Tony Cheng in Perth, Australia.让我们连线我台记者James Chau 和Tony Cheng ,听听他们分别从吉隆坡和珀斯发回的消息。James, what can you tell us about the mood of the passengers families there?James,你好,能否向我们介绍下目前乘客家属的心情如何?Have Malaysian authorities provided any further evidence?大马官方是否有提供其他进一步据?201403/282095Energy Prices: MPs To Turn Up Heat On Big Six The bosses of Britains energy giants will be asked to justify recent energy bill hikes, which have provoked widesp anger.It may prove to be a moment of revelation. These big six power companies have been called before parliament to shed some light on rising customer bills. The regulator Offgem says gas may not be rising as fast as they claim.They do have to pay these green levies. And for government policy reasons, they are going up dramatically. And those of transmission and distribution costs are going up dramatically. Wholesale cost, no. But other cost, yes. Unfortunately one of the main reasons is that because we are in a free market, because they all refer to stock market, they must make more profit year on year to keep their bosses in the jobs.British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power and En Power have raised wholesale bills by an average of 9.1% for this winter. They all say mounting wholesale costs are to blame. But Offgem data show these prices have only gone up by 1.7% over the past year. And that should only add 10 pounds to each bill.MPs want energy bosses to justify these recent winter price hikes but also to detail the difference in their pricing plans and to explain how profits can be made more transparent in the future. Executives have been called to appear before a committee here tomorrow.Its a global market at the end of the day and something is as far removed as the Fukushima disaster has had a big impact on UK gas prices. Japan has shut down nuclear reactors. They are more dependent on gas than ever. They are more willing to pay for it. So in the global market, the UK needs to compete. And those prices have reflected that.Yet here at home, smaller firms like the Co-op have kept hikes in check. Unlike the big six, they are absorbing the cost of wholesale market moves themselves.Their duty is to their shareholders first before most and to return profits to their shareholders. Our duty in running this business is to our customers because they are the people who own our business. And thats the fundamental difference.But one after the other, the big power firms all listed the same reasons for hiking rates: green levies, infrastructure investment and the cost of wholesale fuel. Now increaslingly, that equation doesnt seem to add up. Whats clear is a lack of transparency on how energy firms make all their money has left customers in the dark for too long.Poppy Trobert, Sky News. /201311/263125几个世纪来,科学被排拒在善恶对错的问题以外。 Sam Harris 提出科学不但可以,更应当成为道德问题的准则,为人类设立新人道价值,带领我们走向真正的幸福生活。201308/251288

对母亲来说,最感伤的一天莫过于看到自己的儿子喜欢上了另一个女人。大洋彼岸,新年之后,Old Spice迅速带着“Mom Song”回归,演绎的正是这样一位——悲恸欲绝的母亲。以下是双语文本:广告介绍:Old Spice是宝洁旗下美国男性护理品牌。广告中一位母亲用悲痛的声音唱出自己的愤怒。在这首歌中,被妈妈们指责的正是Old Spice最新推出的两款香型喷雾——Bearglove和Lionpride,光它们的名字就散发出一种浓烈的雄性荷尔蒙的味道。这两种新型喷雾专门针对青少年市场。Old Spice的概念是,它能令你瞬间变成一个男人,女士们从此将以欣赏男人的眼光看你,而你那可怜的老妈只能独自哭泣。对正处于叛逆期的青少年群体而言,这个概念可谓十分动人。广告歌词:Mother: Oh, I didn’t see it coming, but it came in a can. Now my sweet son’s been sprayed into a man.唉,我从没想到有一天它会真的发生。就在那一刻,我的甜心小宝贝被喷成了一个男人。Mother: Mine too and hey we know just who to blame.我的也是并且嘿,我们知道该怪谁。When our sons have fun with women and misbehave.当我的儿子开始和女人鬼混。Mother: Old Spice (Psshh Psshh) sprayed a man out of my son.是它!Old Spice!它把我的儿子喷成了男人Now he’s kissing all the women and he’s chores aren’t done.现在他不出去打零工了,他只想着亲吻其他的女人。He was just my little sweety, tiny fingers, hands and feeties and now he’s touching, kissing, feeling all the women because --他曾经是我的小可爱,那小手指,那小手,那小脚丫…现在他在用它们抚摸其他的女人,这全都怪——Old Spice (New Spice)Old Spice!(新香型)Mother: Create a man out of my son, now he smells like a man and they treat him like one.它把我的儿子喷成了男人,现在他闻起来像个男人而别人也如此看他…唉…201406/306781

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