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Audrey Hepburn#39;s beehive, Elvis Presley#39;s quiff and Jennifer Aniston#39;s #39;Rachel#39; cut were named among the most iconic hairstyles in history.奥黛丽·赫本的复古蜂窝头,“猫王”埃尔维斯·普雷斯利的小卷发,还有詹妮弗·安妮斯顿的“瑞秋”头被评为历史上最具标志性的发型。The Beehive, made famous by Hepburn#39;s Breakfast At Tiffany#39;s character Holly Golightly came top of a poll that listed the most memorable #39;dos of the past half a century.复古蜂窝头因奥黛丽·赫本在《蒂凡尼的早餐》中扮演的霍莉·戈莱特丽中的造型而走红,在最近的民意调查中,也成为影响近半个世纪的标志性发型第一名。Elvis Presley#39;s jet black quiff came second followed by Bob Marley#39;s dlocks and the Rachel, the layered cut made famous by Jennifer Aniston during her stint as Rachel Green in hit TV show Friends.猫王乌黑小卷发排名第二,紧随其后的是牙买加歌手鲍勃·马利的雷鬼头和瑞秋头,由詹妮弗·安妮斯顿在著名的电视剧《老友记》中扮演的角色瑞秋的中分大卷。Other iconic hairstyles among the top ten compiled from a poll of 2,000 Brits include The Beatles#39; matching mop tops, Marilyn Monroe#39;s glamorous blonde curls and Farrah Fawcett#39;s golden flicks.在随机抽查了2000英国人的调查中还显示了其他最具标志性的发型,前十名还包含了披头士的蓬松拖把头,玛丽莲·梦露迷人的金色卷发和“霹雳娇娃” 法拉·福塞特的金色碎发。Kate Middleton#39;s long brunette curls came 13th, with James Dean#39;s style, David Beckham#39;s 90s curtains and Cher#39;s waist-length, straight hair close behind.凯特王妃的深色长卷发排名第13,詹姆斯·迪恩、大卫·贝克汉姆90年代的窗帘式发型和雪儿的及腰直发紧随其后。 /201401/272699

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the world#39;s oldest continuously surviving cancer, a transmissible genital cancer that affects dogs. This cancer, which causes grotesque genital tumors in dogs around the world, first arose in a single dog that lived about 11,000 years ago. The cancer survived after the death of this dog by the transfer of its cancer cells to other dogs during mating. The genome of this 11,000-year-old cancer carries about two million mutations -- many more mutations than are found in most human cancers, the majority of which have between 1,000 and 5,000 mutations. The team used one type of mutation, known to accumulate steadily over time as a ;molecular clock,; to estimate that the cancer first arose 11,000 years ago.一般来说,癌症在宿主体内产生后,会随着宿主的死亡而灰飞烟灭。不过,据《科学》1月23日报道,有一脉“犬传染性性病肿瘤”(CTVT)已经存在了1.1万年,可能是有史以来最古老的癌症。该肿瘤的第一任宿主在品种上接近哈士奇,其基因至今仍保留在肿瘤细胞中。这一脉CTVT自1.1万年前首次出现以后,非但没有消亡,反而通过交配在犬类中广泛传播。这项研究已经在学术杂志《科学》上面发表。科研人员已经完成了CTVT的基因排序工作,发现它已经有了大约200万个变种。在人类中,癌症的变种一般在1000至5000个之间。研究团队分析了其中一个变种,认定CTVT最早出现在1.1万年之前。;The genome of this remarkable long-lived cancer has demonstrated that, given the right conditions, cancers can continue to survive for more than 10,000 years despite the accumulation of millions of mutations,; says Dr Elizabeth Murchison, first author from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge. The genome of the transmissible dog cancer still harbors the genetic variants of the individual dog that first gave rise to the cancer 11,000 years ago. Analysis of these genetic variants revealed that this dog may have resembled an Alaskan Malamute or Husky. It probably had a short, straight coat that was colored either grey/brown or black. Its genetic sequence could not determine if this dog was a male or a female, but did indicate that it was a relatively inbred individual.论文第一作者、来自剑桥大学的伊丽莎白?默奇森士说:“这个癌症如此长寿,实在难得。它的基因说明,在适当的环境下,癌症能够存活1万年以上,并衍生出数百万个变种。”这个癌症基因至今仍保有1.1万年前其首任宿主的基因。分析表明,这位“始作俑者”在品种上和哈士奇非常相似,毛发短而直,可能以灰、褐、黑等颜色为主。默奇森说:“我们不知道为什么这一条会患上传染性癌症。”;We do not know why this particular individual gave rise to a transmissible cancer,; says Dr Murchison, ;But it is fascinating to look back in time and reconstruct the identity of this ancient dog whose genome is still alive today in the cells of the cancer that it spawned.; Transmissible dog cancer is a common disease found in dogs around the world today. The genome sequence has helped scientists to further understand how this disease has sp. ;The patterns of genetic variants in tumors from different continents suggested that the cancer existed in one isolated population of dogs for most of its history,; says Dr Murchison. ;It sp around the world within the last 500 years, possibly carried by dogs accompanying seafarers on their global explorations during the dawn of the age of exploration.;谈及CTVT的传播史时,默奇森说:“不同大陆上肿瘤变种的范式表明,肿瘤长期局限在一个孤立的犬类种群里,在过去500年内才在全世界传播开来。这些犬类也许是在探险时代的早期跟随主人们周游世界的。” 自然环境下的传染性癌症非常罕见。癌症能够在宿主的不同器官中扩散,但很难传染给其他个体。作者之一麦克?斯特拉顿说:“这个传染性犬类癌症的基因会帮助我们研究癌症传染的过程。虽然传染性癌症非常罕见,但我们必须做好准备,以防类似疾病在人类或者其他动物中出现。另外,通过研究这个古老的癌症,我们能够更加广泛地了解影响癌症进化的因素。Transmissible cancers are extremely rare in nature. Cancers, in humans and animals, arise when a single cell in the body acquires mutations that cause it to produce more copies of itself. Cancer cells often sp to different parts of the body in a process known as metastasis. However, it is very rare for cancer cells to leave the bodies of their original hosts and to sp to other individuals. Apart from the dog transmissible cancer, the only other known naturally occurring transmissible cancer is an aggressive transmissible facial cancer in Tasmanian devils that is sp by biting. ;The genome of the transmissible dog cancer will help us to understand the processes that allow cancers to become transmissible,; says Professor Sir Mike Stratton, senior author and Director of the Sanger Institute. ;Although transmissible cancers are very rare, we should be prepared in case such a disease emerged in humans or other animals. Furthermore, studying the evolution of this ancient cancer can help us to understand factors driving cancer evolution more generally.;美国国家卫生研究院的癌症遗传学家伊莱恩?奥斯特兰德说:“这绝对令人兴奋。成千上万年来,犬类一直传播、照顾这一脉的癌症细胞,现在我们有机会研究它了。 /201401/274271

She asked me what I did for a living. When I told her I was a writer, she frowned and said a new nose could help me find a better job.她先是问我是干哪行的。当知道我是个作家后,她皱了皱眉头说整下鼻子就能帮我找份更好的工作。“Your nose is too flat. A well-shaped nose commands respect,” said the consultant. “Businessmen come in to get more prominent noses. And ladies have better chances in both career and love after their operations.”“你的鼻子太扁了。漂亮的鼻子会让人‘顿生敬意’。”整容顾问说,“老板们来这里都是为了整个好看的鼻子。整容后的女人会事业爱情双丰收。”I was in one of the biggest cosmetic surgery hospitals in China, located in the southern city of Shenzhen, where over half the population is made up of migrants from other parts of the country. Most of them are here for factory or construction work, but many long for better prospects.这是我在深圳一家全国最大的整形医院采访时的内容。来这家医院整容的人大半都是外地人。他们大部分人都在深圳的工厂或建筑公司上班,但很多人都希望生活能过得更好些。A nose job costs around ,900 at this hospital, which is a bargain compared to the average cost of rhinoplasty in the US of ,500, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But when the average yearly income for urban residents in China is just ,000 and the average monthly pay for a migrant worker a measly , a nose job would take years for most people to save up for.(在这家医院)做一次隆鼻手术的价格是2900美元。对比美国整形协会的数据—均价4500美元,这个价格算是便宜的了。但当了解到中国城镇居民的年均收入只有7000美元,而外来打工者的月薪也只有可怜的40美元时,对大部分打工者来说,要想做一次隆鼻手术他们得攒上好几年的时间。Yet cosmetic surgery is an investment more and more Chinese women from all rungs of society are splashing out on, according to new research from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. And it’s not all about vanity. Those who go under the knife usually believe surgery would improve all aspects of their lives.然而,中国香港大学的最新研究显示,中国花钱整容的女性越来越多,各行各业的都有。她们并不一定是为了虚荣,且她们通常认为整容将全面改善她们的生活。“The dramatic economic, cultural and political changes in China have produced immense anxiety experienced by women, which stimulates the belief that beauty is capital,” said anthropologist Wen Hua, author of the recently published book, Buying Beauty: Cosmetic Surgery in China.最近中国出版了一本书叫《买来的美丽:在中国整容》,该书的作者兼人类学家文华(音译)谈到:“中国在经济、文化和政治上经历了巨大的变革,这令中国的女性们产生了极大的焦虑情绪,从而促使她们认为漂亮就是资本。”The idea that beauty is capital “epitomizes the idea that good looks are the key to increased opportunities for social and career success,” she said. “Cosmetic surgery has become a form of consumer choice; it reflects in microcosm the transition of China from communism to consumerism with its own Chinese characteristics.”“好的相貌对改善人际关系和职业晋升都至关重要,这也折射出‘漂亮就是资本’的思想。“她还说道,“整容已变成了消费者的一个选择,这从微观上反映出中国正在由共产主义社会过渡到中国特色的消费主义社会。”Wen’s research focused on field studies in Beijing, interviews with 58 women from age 16 to 55 and analysis of Chinese media reports. She found that cosmetic surgery is less taboo in China than in North America, and is particularly popular among women struggling to find work.文华的研究内容主要包括在北京地区进行实地调查,对58名年龄从16至55岁不等的女性进行采访,以及对媒体的报道进行分析。她发现,相对于北美地区,整容在中国的忌讳要少些,而且在那些急于找工作的女性中整容尤为盛行。Between 1993 and 2001, 43 million urban employees were laid off, amounting to a quarter of China’s total urban labor force. Women were often the first to be laid off and the last to be hired back, and when applying for jobs they encountered much more discrimination than men, said Wen.1993年至2001年间,中国约有4300万城镇居民下岗,这一数字相当于中国城镇劳动力人数总和的1/4。文华表示,最先解雇的是女员工,最后复工的也是女员工,相比男人来说,女人在找工作时遭受的歧视要多得多。A 2003 review of job advertisements found that among positions open to women, nearly 90 percent were open only to those younger than 30 years old. Youth is particularly cherished in a country where women who remain unmarried past the age of 27 are labelled “leftover women” by the government. Women who don’t meet minimum height requirements (usually set at 1.58 meters) are also often denied government jobs.对2003年的招聘广告回顾后发现,在这些面向女性的职位中,几乎90%的职位都要求应聘者在30岁以下。在中国,年轻人会受到百般照顾,而女性在27岁之后还没结婚的话,政府就会给其贴上“剩女”的标签。女性身高若不足最低身高要求(通常是1.58米),政府部门也通常不予录用。But these obstacles have not kept women from aiming high. A 2011 study by the Centre for World-Life Policy found that 76 percent of women in China aspire to top jobs, compared with 52 percent in the ed States.尽管存在各种限制,但也不能阻止她们的远大追求。2011年,世界生活政策中心曾进行过一项调查,结果显示76%的中国女人渴望高级职位,而在美国这一比例是52%。Ambitious women who turn to cosmetic surgery to gain an edge in the job market fuel a 2.5 billion a year industry in China that has grown at a pace of 20 percent per year, according to the official Xinhua News Agency. China is now the third largest market for cosmetic surgery in the world, after the US and Brazil, although when population is taken into account cosmetic surgery may be most common in South Korea.据新华社报道,事业型的女人会将整容当作是工作中的一种优势,中国的整容行业会因她们而产生每年25亿美元的收益,且年均增长达20%。目前,中国是世界第三大整容市场,仅次于美国和巴西。而就整容的人数来看,韩国则是整容最流行的国家。In China, the practice has become so socially accepted that beauty pageants have been held especially for “artificial beauties” and vocational schools for flight attendants routinely herd students into cosmetic surgery hospitals, said Wen.文华说道:“在中国,整容已经相当普遍 ,到处都有专门甄选“人造美女”的选美比赛。 有些培养空的职业学校甚至还会定期组织学生去医院整容。”Outside the hospital in Shenzhen, I met a woman surnamed Liu from a smaller city in Guangdong Province, who had also come from a consultation. She had glossy hair, a pointed nose and a slim figure. She showed off her long legs in a mini-skirt and platform heels.在这家深圳的整容医院外面,我遇见了一位广东某个小县城来的刘女士,她也是来这里整容的。头发锃亮,鼻子尖尖的她身材很好,穿的迷你裙很配她的长腿,脚上穿着一双平跟鞋。“I’m thinking of getting herbal weight loss injections,” she told me. “Injections are safer and cheaper than liposuction.”她说:“我想用药物注射来减肥,药物注射要比抽脂手术安全些。”In the past year, Liu, a 28-year-old administrative assistant at a financial company, had aly undergone double-eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty at the hospital, which offers a mind-boggling range of procedures including some adapted from traditional Chinese medicinal practices. When I asked Liu why she chose to get cosmetic surgery, she said: “It’s just like applying makeup; everybody wants to enhance their beauty. A woman especially needs to work to maintain her appearance as she gets older.”刘女士今年29岁,曾任职于一家金融公司做行政助理。她去医院隆过鼻,也拉过双眼皮,这些手术的复杂程度超乎想象,有些手术还是源自传统的中药疗法。当我问她为什么选择整容时,她回答到:“这就好比是化妆吧,每个人都想要自己变得更漂亮。女人年龄一大(皮肤)就特别需要保养。”A daughter of struggling shopkeepers, Liu said she was barely able to finish secondary school and was lucky to find decently paid work. “I wouldn’t have been hired if I had been an ugly duckling,” she said. Liu is now worried she will lose her job once she gets older. She has taken evening classes in business management, but believes an attractive appearance is just as important as education.因为得帮着母亲忙生意,刘女士说,“我初中都没上完就辍学了,幸好找到了份体面的工作。如果我是个‘丑小鸭’,我是不会被录用的。”刘女士现在担心随着年龄的增大,她会失去这份工作。虽然她晚上也去学习商业管理课程,但她仍然认为好的相貌和良好的教育背景两个都重要。Liu is aware of the horror stories of botched surgeries. Around the world, risky operations such as “leg-stretching” surgery are rarely used for cosmetic purposes but such operations are popular in China. In efforts to meet height requirements for jobs, men and women have paid tens of thousands of yuan to have their bones broken so that doctors could insert steel pins under the knees and above the ankles, but complications have left dozens of people crippled for life. China’s Ministry of Health has banned some risky cosmetic surgeries, but most private clinics for cosmetic surgery are widely unregulated.刘女士对整容失败的不幸遭遇也有所耳闻。就全世界来说,像拉腿这样存在风险的手术很少会被当作整容手术来进行,但它在中国却颇为流行。为了达到职位的身高要求,求职者们不惜花费数万元来切断腿骨,并分别在膝盖和脚踝处植入钢钉。目前已有数十名患者因并发症而导致终身残废。中国卫生部明令禁止此类有风险的整容手术,但许多私人整容诊所仍然在违规进行。Out of curiosity, I decided to visit a private clinic in Shenzhen. After an hour of walking in circles, I found the clinic on the 18th floor of a rundown residential building with drunk or drugged men sprawled in the hallways. A teenage boy greeted me at the door, and sat me down for the consultation at a flimsy table while his father watched a soap opera a few feet away in the living room. The clinic doubled as their living quarters.出于好奇,我决定去当地一家私人诊所看一看。在一栋旧居民楼里转了一个小时后,我终于在18楼找到了一家私人诊所,楼道里躺着几个人,可能是喝醉或者是嗑药的吧。诊所门口有一男孩,见我就热情地询问并招呼我在一个桌子旁坐下,桌子有些破了,而此时男孩的父亲正在几尺远的客厅里看电视剧。I inquired about liposuction treatments, but the boy mumbled something about the doctor being unavailable and to my horror, suggested that I get human placenta injections instead, vaguely explaining that placenta treatments are “good for women.” The injections cost about ,630 per pack of five syringes and must be self-administered. I declined the offer and bolted out of the clinic.我向男孩咨询了有关抽脂手术的情况,但他却吾说医生现在没空,居然还建议我进行胎盘注射,还含糊地说胎盘注射手术对女人“有益”,这可把我吓坏了。手术需花费1630美元左右,一包注射器(5个/包),须自己注射。我婉拒了男孩的建议,并迅速离开了诊所。“Cosmetic surgery is a choice and you have to make the best decisions for yourself and your family,” said Liu. “That’s what people are doing all over China today.”刘女士说:“整容手术是一个选择,而你得为自己和家人做最好的选择,这就是当下中国人都在做的事情。” /201311/264273

  Call it the Great Beer Bet of 2014. President Obama is putting a few brewskis on the line in a wager with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as the men’s and women’s hockey teams from the U.S. and Canada are set to face off in the Olympics. 未来几天,美国总统奥巴马需要送给加拿大总理哈珀一箱啤酒,然而奥巴马此举并不是以酒会友,而是因为他输了与哈珀的打赌。并且,奥巴马有可能会再输一箱。The president is betting cases of the White House Honey Porter, which is brewed on the White House grounds with honey from First Lady Michelle Obama’s beehives.Obama and Harper spent the day together in Toluca, Mexico, for the North American Leaders Summit Wednesday, where they “agreed to disagree on who to root for” in the upcoming hockey match-ups between the U.S. and Canada.据美国媒体2月20日报道,奥巴马和哈珀19日在墨西哥托卢卡市举行的北美领导人峰会上会面,除了谈论政治、经济等话题外,两人还达成了一项“协议”。该协议规定,在本届冬奥会女子冰球决赛和男子冰球半决赛中,奥巴马和哈珀持各自的国家队,输球的一方要送给胜者一箱啤酒。20日一早,美国白宫和哈珀本人分别在自己的官方微上宣布了上述消息。哈珀特意指明,他提供的赌注是加拿大产啤酒。而白宫表示,白宫自酿的“蜂蜜啤酒”将是奥巴马的赌注。“蜂蜜啤酒”有淡啤和黑啤两种,所用蜂蜜出自美国“第一夫人”米歇尔?奥巴马在白宫花园内的蜂箱,在奥巴马2012年竞选连任时“上市”并大获好评。“For a very brief period of time, I might not feel as warm towards Canadians as I normally do – at least until those matches are over,” President Obama said.Team USA’s women hockey players are going for the gold against Canada on Thursday while the men’s teams play Friday.“在一段非常短暂的时间里,我可能不会像往常一样对加拿大人感到温暖亲切……至少要等到比赛结束。”奥巴马开玩笑说,对于此次打赌,他可是认真对待。然而不幸的是,他已经输了一场。20日晚,索契冬奥会女子冰球比赛的冠军出炉,加拿大队以3:2击败美国。男子冰球半决赛将于当地时间21日举行。哈珀得知加拿大女子冰球队获胜的消息后,很高兴地发微说“我们是冠军”,他还表示准备看接下来的好戏、打算再赢一箱啤酒。 /201402/277419



  Go to picnic hot spots — parks, beaches, outdoor concerts and the like — and see what people are carrying. Mostly, it#39;s bags of store-bought food, not coolers of home-cooked. While grab-and-go counters of picnicky food are almost universally mediocre and exasperatingly expensive, I do understand the temptation to outsource. The weather is hot, you might not feel like cooking in the first place and, in addition to actually making the food, you have to pack it, transport it and ensure that it#39;s still edible by the time it reaches its final destination.公园、海滩和露天音乐会等都是野餐的热门地点,去看看人们都带着什么吧。大多数人带的是从商店买来的整袋食物,而不是盛放家庭自制食物的冰箱。虽然拿上就走的野餐食物柜台几乎都很一般,而且贵得让人生气,但是我也理解去那里买食物的诱惑。首先天太热,你可能不想做饭,而且除了要做饭,还要打包、运输,确保到达最终目的地时还能吃。The recipes here are built to last, so you don#39;t have to worry about timing. Not only are they hardy enough to hang out in the fridge for a while, but many also benefit from that resting time.我在这里提到的菜都是能长久保存的,所以不必担心时间问题。它们足够硬,能放在冰箱里带出去一段时间,而且很多菜放一段时间反而更好吃。If you#39;re going to eat these dishes within a few hours of making them, you can just leave them out on the counter; otherwise, they#39;ll be fine for a day or two in the fridge. Ingredients that you don#39;t want mingling in wet environments for too long — like croutons and fragile fresh herbs — should be packed separately, but I#39;ve tried to keep those to a minimum here.如果你打算在做好之后几小时内吃这些菜,可以把它们就放在案板上;放在冰箱里可以保存一两天。那些不想过早搅入的配料应该单独打包,比如面包块和易腐败的新鲜草本香料——不过我在这里已经尽量少放这些配料。Recipes:菜谱:Cold Seared Steak With Tomatoes and Soy番茄酱油冷烤牛排菜谱:TOTAL TIME总计用时:About 20 minutes, plus refrigeration约20分钟,冷藏时间另算INGREDIENTS配料:steak to your liking (on the grill if possible)按你的喜好烤的牛排(如果可能的话,用烤架烤)cherry tomatoes圣女果ginger姜garlic蒜soy sauce酱油sesame oil芝麻油squeeze of lime juice挤出来的酸橙汁cilantro芫荽basil or mint罗勒或薄荷lime wedges.酸橙角PREPARATION制作方法:1. Cook some steak to your liking (on the grill if possible), let it cool completely, then slice it.1. 按你的喜好烤一些牛排(如果可能的话用烤架烤),完全晾凉,然后切开。2. On the day you#39;re going to eat it, toss with plenty of halved cherry tomatoes, grated ginger and garlic, soy sauce, a little sesame oil and a squeeze of lime juice.2. 在你打算吃的那天,放入大量对半切开的圣女果、磨碎的姜和蒜、酱油、一点芝麻油和挤出来的酸橙汁。3. Scatter with cilantro, basil or mint (or a combination) before serving with lime wedges.3. 撒上芫荽以及罗勒或薄荷(或者两者都放),最后和几块酸橙角一起上桌。Soba Noodles With Chilled Dashi冷鲣鱼汤拌荞麦面菜谱:TOTAL TIME总计用时:15 minutes, plus 2 days#39; refrigeration15分钟,另加两天的冷藏时间INGREDIENTS配料:dried kelp干海藻4 cups of water4杯水1/2 cup dried bonito flakes1/2杯干鲣鱼片soy sauce酱油soba noodles荞麦面条sesame oil芝麻油chopped scallions.切碎的大葱PREPARATION制作过程:1. To make dashi, combine a piece of dried kelp (kombu) and 4 cups of water in a medium saucepan over medium heat.1. 做鲣鱼汤时,把一片干海藻(昆布)和四杯水倒入一个中等大小的深平底锅里,用中火加热。2. Don#39;t let the mixture boil; as soon as it#39;s about to, turn off the heat, and remove the kelp.2. 不要让它沸腾;快要沸腾时,把火关掉,把海藻移除。3. Add ? cup dried bonito flakes, and stir; let sit for a few minutes, then strain, add some soy sauce to taste and refrigerate for up to 2 days.3. 加入1/2杯干鲣鱼片,搅拌;停留几分钟,然后把水滤掉,加入一些酱油调味,在冰箱里放两天。4. Cook some soba noodles, and rinse under cold water to cool them down; toss with a little neutral or sesame oil to prevent them from sticking.4. 煮一些荞面面条,用冷水冲洗、晾凉;搅入一点芝麻油,防止面条粘到一起。5. To serve, pour some of the cold dashi into bowls and top with the noodles. Garnish: Chopped scallions.5. 上桌时,在碗中倒入一些冷鲣鱼汤,放上面条。装饰:切碎的大葱。Sesame Seaweed Salad芝麻油海藻沙拉菜谱TOTAL TIME总计用时:10 minutes10分钟INGREDIENTS配料:dried seaweed干海藻sesame oil芝麻油soy sauce酱油mirin (or sugar).糖PREPARATION制作方法:1. Rinse dried seaweed (a mixture is best), then soak it in at least 10 times its volume of water until tender, about 5 minutes.1. 把干海藻洗净(带点水是最好的),然后浸泡在至少十倍的水中,直至变软,约需5分钟。2. Drain, and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Pick through the seaweed, discard any hard bits (there might not be any) and roughly chop it with scissors if the pieces are large. Toss with sesame oil, soy sauce and mirin (or sugar).2. 把水滤掉,轻轻挤掉多余的水分。检查海藻,去掉任何硬的小段(也可能一点硬的都没有),如果有的块太大的话,用剪刀粗略剪一下。搅入芝麻油、酱油和糖。3. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds if you like.3. 如果你喜欢的话,用烤芝麻籽装饰。 /201409/325050

  Last May, one of South Korea#39;s largest dairy companies, Namyang, came under fire for corporate malpractice. A company official was caught on tape threatening a small distributor into buying expired products that he couldn#39;t afford. The issue turned into a modern-day version of David and Goliath. The dairy giant issued an apology and paid a fine, but it continues to face widesp boycotts and protests.去年五月,韩国最大的乳业公司之一南阳乳业(Namyang)因为不当行为而遭到谴责。公司一位管理人员威胁一位小经销商购买他无力承担的过期产品,结果通话录音被曝光。这起事件演变成了现代版的大卫与歌利亚。最终,南阳乳业公司道歉并付了罚款,但至今依然面临广泛的抵制和抗议。Heekyung Jo Min will be the first to tell you that corporate misconduct is still quite common in South Korea. As an executive vice president for CJ Corporation, the 14th-largest Korean conglomerate, Min says that the country#39;s hierarchal system can sometimes lead to abuses of power or bad behavior in the name of expanding profits and pleasing higher-ups.闵赵熙京表示,公司不当行为在韩国仍然非常普遍。她是第一个公开讨论这一现状的人。闵是韩国排在第14位的企业集团希杰集团(CJ Corporation)执行副总裁。她表示,韩国的等级制度有时候会导致滥用职权,或以增加利润和取悦上司为借口的不良行为。Min is championing a profound shift in Korean corporate culture. By focusing on creating value for all stakeholders -- not just shareholders , Min believes disasters like Namyang#39;s can be avoided in the future.闵正在推动韩国公司文化进行一次意义深远的转变——即专注于为所有利益相关者创造价值,而不仅仅是股东。闵相信,未来,类似于南阳乳业遭遇的灾难是可以避免的。;The shareholders alone are not the main players of the economy,; Min says. ;There are more people involved than just shareholders, like our employees, our customers, and the communities that we serve.;闵说:“股东并不是经济活动中的主要角色。除了股东,一家公司还会涉及许多人,例如员工、客户和我们务的社区等。”Min says CJ is the first company to launch a department committed to ;Common Shared Value; -- or CSV -- in Korea, spearheading a call to action for sustainable business management. As the head of CJ#39;s Global CSV program, Min, who spoke with Fortune while in New York this week for a shared value summit, is working with the company#39;s divisions (which include the largest food manufacturer and the largest home shopping network in Korea) to focus not only on driving profits for shareholders, but also on how business practices can impact customers and the surrounding communities.闵表示,希杰集团在韩国开创了先河,专门成立了一个致力于“创造共享价值”(CSV)的部门。作为希杰集团全球共享价值计划的负责人,闵在上周于纽约召开的共享价值峰会上接受了《财富》杂志(Fortune)的采访。她目前正在与公司其他部门合作(包括韩国最大的食品生产商和最大的家庭购物网络),在为股东创造利润的同时,也将公司经营对消费者与周围社区的影响作为工作重点。The term CSV was coined in 2011 by Harvard professors Michael Porter and Mark Kramer to encourage companies to think more about the impact their businesses have on society at large. The professors point out that companies may be prospering in the stock market, but can still be to blame for major social, environment, and economic problems.2011年,哈佛大学(Harvard)教授迈克尔o波特与马克o克雷默提出了“创造共享价值”这一理念,旨在鼓励公司更多考虑他们对整个社会的影响。两位教授指出,一家公司可能在股票市场风光无限,但却会因为社会、环境和经济问题而备受诟病。Unlike corporate social responsibility, CSV is about creating new business opportunities that can strengthen a company#39;s competitive positioning, according to Min.闵认为,不同于公司的社会责任,CSV的目的是创造能够增强公司竞争优势的新商业机遇。;It not just teaching people to fish, but it is making a fisherman, and then we all catch more fish together,; says Min. ;With corporate social responsibility, you just give away the fish.;闵说:“这种理念是授人以渔,而非授人以鱼,之后所有人便可以一起享受钓鱼的乐趣。而公司的社会责任则属于后者。”In just one year since launching the CSV program, CJ has aly seen a tangible impact on its bottom line, she says. A partnership with small and medium-sized food businesses, for example, has increased CJ#39;s product offerings while supporting local farmers and creating new job opportunities. CJ is also working on rural development in Vietnam where it sources many agricultural products like chili peppers. By providing communities with more advanced farming technologies as well as building schools and proper bathrooms, Min forecasts that local farmers will be roughly 200% more productive next year.她表示,CSV计划启动仅仅一年,希杰集团就体会到了这项计划对公司财务状况的实质影响。例如,与中小型食品公司的合作不仅增加了希杰集团的产品类别,同时也扶持了当地农民,创造了更多的就业机会。此外,希杰集团同样致力于越南的农村发展。希捷集团在越南采购农产品,如辣椒等。通过为社区提供更先进的农业技术,以及兴建学校和卫生间。闵预计,明年,当地农民的工作效率将提高约200%。CJ is also working internally to combat Korea#39;s notoriously unsustainable work culture for women. If a woman leaves her job for more than a year to start a family or any other reason, many Korean corporations will not allow her to even take the entrance exam to get back into the workforce. As a result, Korea#39;s labor force participation rate for women is much lower than similar-sized economies. To tackle this problem, CJ created a ;returnship; program targeted at women who have been out of work for two or more years. The program includes flexible hours, mentoring, and special training from managers.众所周知,韩国公司有一种针对女性的不合理的工作文化。希杰集团正在努力打破这种传统。如果女性因为成立新家庭或其他任何原因离开工作超过一年时间,许多韩国公司会拒绝她重新回到工作岗位,连参加额外考试的机会也没有。结果导致韩国女性劳动力参与率远远低于规模类似的其他经济体。为了解决这个问题,希杰集团针对离开工作两年或以上的女性启动了“回归”计划。这项计划包括灵活的工作时间,导师指导和管理人员的特殊培训。Min acknowledges that CJ and her peer conglomerates have a long way to go to match CSV effort she has seen outside of Korea. The Columbia Business School graduate recalls going to leadership conferences in the mid-2000s and being impressed by initiatives by Pfizer (PFE), Johnson amp; Johnson (JNJ), and others to ensure the surrounding communities and employees benefits from the companies#39; success. As South Korea plays catch-up, Min says it#39;s important that corporations keep in mind the importance of balance.闵承认,要达到其他国家的企业在CSV方面的成绩,希杰集团和其他韩国企业集团还有更长的路要走。哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)毕业的闵回忆称,她2000年代中期参加领导力会议时,辉瑞(Pfizer)、强生(Johnson amp; Johnson)等公司为确保周边社区与员工能从公司的成功中获益时所采取的举措给她留下了深刻印象。闵表示,韩国公司要迎头赶上,必须牢记平衡的重要性,这一点非常重要。;It used to be that I would proudly say that I never left the office before 10:30 at night. But we don#39;t have to work our employees that way anymore,; Min says with a laugh. ;It is a constant balance, and if you want to have common shared value, you cannot do it alone. You have to involve the community and your employees.;闵笑着说:“之前,我会非常骄傲地说,我从来没有在晚上十点半之前离开过办公室。但现在我们不需要员工这么做。这是一种持续的平衡,如果你想创造共享价值,不能只靠自己。必须调动社区和员工共同参与进来。” /201405/300115

  WHEN CHEF ENRIQUE OLVERA OPENED his restaurant, Pujol, 13 years ago, his only goal was to serve #39;solid, tasty food#39; and be #39;the best restaurant in the neighborhood,#39; he says. But that neighborhood was Mexico City#39;s Polanco, the dining epicenter for a city of 8.5 million, and Olvera#39;s budget was so small that his wife had to paint the walls. Since then, Pujol has far surpassed its initial aims: It#39;s now widely thought of as Mexico#39;s finest restaurant-and the 36th best in the world, according to the much-scrutinized S. Pellegrino rankings; and Olvera, who trained at New York#39;s Culinary Institute of America before returning home, is the country#39;s most well-known chef. He reached his position by making his cuisine #39;fancier and fancier, and more complex#39; over time. Pujol now serves a tasting of innovative, sophisticated food that wouldn#39;t look out of place at England#39;s Fat Duck or New York#39;s Momofuku Ko. Olvera is also one of the leading exponents of Mexico#39;s new gastronomy, which combines elaborate, cutting-edge technique with a strong emphasis on local ingredients to create a cosmopolitan cuisine that#39;s at once international yet unmistakably Mexican-paralleling the direction of Mexico City itself. 墨西哥名厨恩里克#12539;奥尔韦拉(Enrique Olvera)于13年前开办了自己的餐厅――Pujol,他说他当时唯一的目标就是做出“货真价实、美味可口的食物”,打造“全社区最棒的餐厅”。不过,这个社区可是墨西哥城的波兰科(Polanco),它是这个拥有850万人口的城市的餐饮中心,而奥尔韦拉的预算又非常少,他的妻子都不得不亲自上阵刷 。自那以后,奥尔韦拉取得的成绩已远超他最初的目标,如今Pujol已被普遍认为是墨西哥最好的餐厅,而且还在备受关注的 培露(S. Pellegrino)评级中位列全球最佳餐厅的第三十六位。在回国之前,奥尔韦拉曾在纽约的美国烹饪学院(Culinary Institute of America)接受培训,现在他是墨西哥最负盛名的大厨。他通过逐步使他的菜式“越来越新奇、越来越复杂”坐上了今日的位置。现在Pujol推出了一系列有创新性、精细复杂的菜品,把它们放在英格兰的Fat Duck餐厅或纽约的MomofukuKo餐厅也不会显得上不了台面。奥尔韦拉还是墨西哥新烹饪法的主要代表人物之一,该烹饪法将精妙前沿的技术与对本地食材的注重结合在一起,以此创造出既国际化同时又无疑具有墨西哥特色的世界性的菜肴,这一点与墨西哥城自身的发展方向不谋而合。 A visit to the 48-seat Pujol reveals a space-age kitchen containing 27 cooks, including a number of stagiaires who have flown thousands of miles to work for free-one spends hours picking cilantro flowers with tweezers; another is making his fifth attempt to perfect an apparently simple dish. As Pujol has become a place that attracts free labor (#39;if you want to stage here now, you have to wait until 2014,#39; says Olvera), the chef has begun to think more about bringing Mexican cooks home from the U.S. He#39;d like them to move past the glass ceiling that exists in America (despite the number of Mexicans working in U.S. restaurants, #39;you rarely see a Mexican head chef in a New York kitchen,#39; Olvera points out) and advance their careers on their home turf. As Olvera guides his cooks through lunchtime service-#39;Hey, make that blob of sauce more the size of a walnut#39;; #39;You: pull your hat down#39;-he talks about coming home, tradition and innovation, and how a Disney movie changed one of the world#39;s best restaurants. Pujol餐厅共有48个座位,它的超现代的厨房中现在有27名厨师,包括一群从数千英里之外飞来免费干活的实习厨师。其中一名实习厨师要花数个小时用镊子挑选香菜花,另一人则在第五次尝试使一道表面上简单的菜品变得完美。由于Pujol已成为一个能吸引免费劳力的地方(奥尔韦拉称:“如果你想在这儿实习,那得等到2014年了。”),奥尔韦拉已经开始考虑要将墨西哥厨师从美国吸引回国。他希望他们能绕过存在于美国的“玻璃天花板”(尽管有大量墨西哥厨师在美国的餐厅工作,但奥尔韦拉指出“你在纽约的餐厅很少能看到一位墨西哥主厨”),回到自己的国家发展他们的事业。他一边指导厨师们准备午餐――“喂,把那团酱弄成一个核桃的大小”;“你,把帽子拉低些”――一边谈论著有关回国、传统与创新的问题,以及一部迪斯尼(Disney)的影片如何改变了这家位列全球最佳的餐厅。 ENRIQUE OLVERA: #39;Mexico City is changing quickly, and restaurants are in a really good spot. There#39;s more attention from the rest of the world on Mexican food. Fifteen years ago, I wouldn#39;t have thought it would be considered a high-level cuisine and valued the same as Italian or Spanish food-especially in Mexico. Foreigners have always liked our food, but they thought of it as very causal, almost like street food. Now they#39;re realizing there#39;s sophistication to it, and there#39;s potential to make not just tasty food but also food of a very high quality. 墨西哥城在迅速改变,餐饮处于一个非常有利的位置,世界其他地方更关注墨西哥美食了。放在15年前,我不会想到它会被人视为高端菜系,会和意大利菜和西班牙菜受到同样的重视――尤其是在墨西哥。外国人一直都喜欢我们的食物,但以前他们认为它是非常简便随意的,几乎就像街边小吃一样。现在他们意识到它也有精妙复杂之处,它不仅能够提供美味的食物,也能够提供品质非常高的食物。 This is a cosmopolitan city with influences from Europe, the local culture and the U.S. It#39;s a very nice mix of the three components, and Mexicans are starting to fall in love with that mix. If you look at Pujol, with the decoration and the food, it#39;s Mexican-you feel like you are in Polanco; you don#39;t feel like you#39;re in New York-but it#39;s not all pink with mariachis and crap like that, because that#39;s not Mexico City. 这是一个国际化都市,受到欧洲、本土文化及美国的影响。它是这三个要素的绝佳融合体,如今墨西哥人开始喜欢上了这种融合。看看Pujol,它的这些装饰和食物,你会发现它是墨西哥风格的,你会感觉自己身在波兰科,不会觉得自己在纽约。但是,它一点也不低俗,没有像墨西哥流浪乐队那样的低俗表演,因为这不是墨西哥城的风格。 At the restaurant we used to do a lot of reinterpretations of traditional Mexican dishes, but then we got tired of it and started trying to create new dishes with a very strong Mexican base. Until two or three years ago, all the ingredients had to be Mexican and they also had to be authentic, so, for example, we wouldn#39;t use parsnip. But you know that movie Ratatouille? In the beginning, the head chef, Gusteau, is on TV and he says, #39;You cannot limit your creativity because of the place that you were born,#39; and I remembered that later and figured it was true. So we started incorporating ingredients that are originally from other parts of the world. We said, #39;If it grows in Mexico, fine, we use it.#39; For example, now a lot of Mexicans eat broccoli. It#39;s the second-largest crop in the center of the country, so why shouldn#39;t we do broccoli? We brought in a little more of our own vision. That was the first year we got on the list of #39;The World#39;s 50 Best Restaurants.#39; 以前我们的餐厅常常做很多重新诠释传统墨西哥菜肴的菜品,后来我们感到厌烦,开始尝试创造拥有非常厚重的墨西哥传统根基的新菜品。直到两三年前,所有的食材还都必须是墨西哥的,而且必须是正宗的,比如说我们就不会采用欧洲萝卜。你知道《美食总动员》(Ratatouille)这部电影吗?影片一开始,厨师长古斯多(Gusteau)就在电视上讲道,‘你不能让你出生的地方限制了你的创造力’,后来我想起了这句话,明白了事实确实如此。因此,我们开始混入源自世界其他地区的食材。我们说:“如果它生长在墨西哥,那好,我们就用它。’比如说,现在很多墨西哥人都吃西兰花了。它是我们国家中部地区的第二大作物,所以我们为什么不用西兰花做菜呢?我们加入了更多一些我们自己的想象。那是我们登上“全球50大最佳餐厅”榜单的第一年。 Most people think they have to choose between tradition and doing modern food. We do both-they can coexist nicely in a dish and definitely on a . You always cherish where you come from, but I also have the need for new sensations, and to improve on those old traditions. It#39;s not just about innovation for its own sake-it#39;s to get to a better dish. For example, when you nixtamalize corn to make tortillas, the traditional recipe is to boil the corn with limestone, let it sit overnight outside, then grind it at the mill. But perhaps you can get to a better masa if you sous-vide the corn at 65 degrees, without the huge temperature shock. You might, so why not do it? You try it, and if it#39;s better, you change it; if it#39;s not, you keep doing the traditional style. If you were an architect, it would be really stupid to be building houses like you were 50 years ago. The kitchen#39;s the same thing. If you want tradition to be alive, you have to keep doing things with it. Time will tell who#39;s doing good stuff. 大多数人都认为他们必须在传统菜与现代菜之间做出选择。我们两样都做,它们能很好地共存于一道菜中,当然也能在同一份菜单上共存。人总是珍视自己的传统,但我也需要新感觉,也需要改进那些旧传统。这不只是为了创新而创新,而是为了做出一盘更美味的菜。例如,如果你想用 性溶液处理玉米去做玉米粉圆饼,传统方法是煮玉米时加入石灰石,接下来把玉米放在外面凉一晚,然后再去磨坊将它磨成粉。然而,假如你在华氏65度的温度下用真空低温烹饪法对它进行处理,没有了剧烈的温度变化,磨出来的粉或许会更好。你能这么做,那么为什么不去做呢?你可以去试试,如果效果更好,你就改变方法;如果效果并没有更好,那你就继续按传统方式做。假如你是位建筑师,如果你还像50年前一样建房子是非常愚蠢的行为。厨房之事也是一样,如果你想让传统延续下去,你就得不断地对它进行改进,时间会告诉大家谁做的是好事。 The Mexican cooks in the U.S. didn#39;t go there to cook; it#39;s just poor people that have no opportunities, that don#39;t see a future in Mexico, so they go to the U.S. Once they arrive, they have very few options for work. My dream-and I think it#39;s the dream of a lot of people here-is that they don#39;t need to go there and feel unwanted. If they go, it#39;s fine, but they should be hired. People should call you and say, #39;I want you to come and work at my restaurant,#39; like they do with other nationalities. It#39;s the nature of how it works and I understand that. But if we can change that a little it#39;d be nice. 在美国的墨西哥厨师当初去那儿并不是为了做厨师的,他们只是没有机会、在墨西哥又看不到未来的穷人,所以他们去了美国。到了那儿之后,他们可选择的工作非常少。我的梦想是――而且我认为这也是很多人的梦想――有一天他们不需要跑去那儿感觉自己是多余的。如果他们去了,没问题,但是他们应该有就业机会。应当有人打电话给他们说,‘我希望你来我的餐厅工作’,就像他们对待其他族裔的人一样。当然,事情的发展原本就是这样的,我也理解这一点,但是如果我们能对它做一点点改变,那也是不错的。 I don#39;t think cooks abroad realize Mexico has changed cuisinewise. And when they come back they see there#39;s this huge potential. I think we should sp the word that there are good restaurants here in Mexico. If you compare the amount of money you make and the quality of life, it#39;s almost the same. Yes, in New York you might earn ,000 as a pastry chef, and here you might earn ,000, but the rent is much cheaper, you don#39;t have to be sending money home and you#39;re with your own people. Most of the cooks here have worked in Europe or the States, and when they come back they appreciate the ingredients more and they see the possibilities of working with Mexican products. I also like the idea of Mexicans leaving Mexico and coming back because I did it myself. You realize what you like about your own country when you#39;re outside it.#39; 我觉得在国外的厨师没有意识到墨西哥在烹饪方面发生了变化。他们回来时就会发现这儿原来有这么巨大的潜力,我认为我们应当向世界传播墨西哥也有好餐厅的消息。如果你对收入的数量与生活的质量进行比较,在墨西哥和在国外几乎都是一样的。是的,在纽约做糕点厨师你或许能挣60,000美元,在这儿也许你只能挣3,000美元,但是这儿的房租要便宜得多,你不必把钱寄回家,而且你能和自己的家人呆在一起。我们这儿的大多数厨师都曾在欧洲或美国工作过,他们回来后对于食材有了更多的理解和认识,能看到利用墨西哥食材进行烹饪的种种可能。我也喜欢墨西哥人离开自己国家然后再回来,因为我自己就是这么做的。当你身处异国时,你会明白你喜欢自己国家的哪些方面。 /201310/261401

  A blood test that can predict whether someone may attempt suicide has been developed by scientists in a breakthrough which could prevent hundreds of deaths.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,研究人员取得科研突破,通过验血来预测人们是否具有自杀倾向,从而防止众多悲剧发生。American researchers have found that variations in a single gene can be used to predict if someone is likely to take their own life.美国研究人员发现,通过验血可以检查一种基因是否发生变异,从而预测某人是否企图自杀。Researchers at John Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, found that the gene SKA2 stopped functioning correctly in people at risk of suicide. The SKA2 gene is found in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, and is involved in preventing negative thoughts and controlling impulsive behaviour.美国约翰#8226;霍普金斯大学研究人员发现,存在自杀风险的人的SKA2基因功能异常。SKA2基因位于大脑前额皮质,负责控制体内压力荷尔蒙皮质醇的含量,能够防止人们产生消极情绪并控制其冲动行为。If there isn#39;t enough SKA2, or it is altered in some way, the body cannot control levels of cortisol. Previous research has shown that people who attempt suicide or who take their own lives have large amounts of cortisol in their systems.若体内SKA2基因含量不足,或以某种方式发生变化,人体将无法有效控制皮质醇含量。此前的研究发现,自杀或有自杀倾向的人体内皮质醇含量较高。A test could allow doctors or psychologists to place patients on ‘suicide watch’ and restrict their access to drugs or equipment which they could use to end their own life.因此,通过验血检测下SKA2的水平或者是否发生突变,能够允许医生对具有自杀倾向的人进行观察,同时防止他们靠近药品或其它自杀工具。The research was reported in the American Journal of Psychology. ;We need to study this in a larger sample but we believe that we might be able to monitor the blood to identify those at risk of suicide, ; Kaminsky said.该研究发表于《美国心理学杂志》,主要负责人凯明斯基表示:“该研究还需加大样本量,但我们相信,可以通过验血辨认出那些具有自杀风险的人。”;Suicide is a major preventable public health problem, but we have been stymied in our prevention efforts because we have no consistent way to predict those who are at increased risk of killing themselves, ; says study leader Dr Zachary Kaminsky, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences.精神病与行为科学助理教授扎卡里#8226;凯明斯基表示,自杀是我们目前面临的主要公共健康问题,但由于缺乏直观的途径预测人们的自杀风险,导致我们无法及时预防。;With a test like ours, we may be able to stem suicide rates by identifying those people and intervening early enough to head off a catastrophe.;“但通过我们的测试,我们可以及早确认并干预具有自杀倾向的人群,从而降低社会自杀率。”The blood test managed to predict those with the most severe risk of suicide with 90 per cent accuracy. They could also spot if someone had aly attempted suicide with 96 per cent accuracy, simply by looking at the levels of SKA2.据报道,通过验血预测最严重的自杀风险精确度高达90%,同时,只要简单观测一下SKA2的水平,便能以96%的精确度判断某人是否已企图自杀。 /201408/322475。

  It started with Natalie Massenet. The Net-a-Porter founder and British Fashion Council chairman was spotted pairing a leopard print Marc Jacobs skirt with a leopard print Valentino Rockstud clutch at New York Fashion Week; the following week in London Kate Moss was seen front row at Topshop’s show in a pair of black leopard print Hysteric Glamour jeans, then, at Paris Fashion Week, stylist Giovanna Battaglia turned up in a vintage early 1990s leopard print Ala?a dress at the designer’s retrospective opening at the Palais Galliera.一切皆肇事于娜塔莉?马斯内(Natalie Massenet),这位Net-a-Porter网店创始人兼英国时装协会主席身穿马克?雅可布(Marc Jacobs)豹纹衬衣,手拎华伦天奴(Valentino) Rockstud豹纹手提包现身纽约时装周(New York Fashion Week);接下来的一周,在伦敦,凯特?莫斯(Kate Moss)身穿日本Hysteric Glamour潮牌牛仔裤就坐于Topshop时装发布会前排;而后的巴黎时装周(Paris Fashion Week),设计师乔瓦娜?巴塔吉利亚(Giovanna Battaglia)身穿上世纪90年代初的老款阿亚拉(Ala?a)裙装现身在加列拉宫(Palais Galliera)举行的个人作品回顾展开幕式。By the time Andrea Mitchell, N News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent, wore a black leopard print trench while delivering her nightly report on the Syrian crisis the trend was official: animal spots are big news.到全球广播公司新闻台(N News)首席外交事务记者安德莉亚?米切尔(Andrea Mitchell)身穿黑色豹纹风衣、在晚间新闻播报叙利亚危机时,整个时尚潮流算是尘埃落定:动物斑纹装登上了头条新闻。“With the amount of prints women are now dressing in, leopard really is the ‘new black’,” says stylist Isabel Dupré, whose equivalent to the little black dress is an Isabel Marant leopard print number she considers her fail-safe go-to. “There is something that s expensive and ‘fashion’ in the print when it is worn right,” she adds. “Most of the time it’s as timeless as wearing black.”“随着女士穿着动物斑纹装渐趋增多,豹纹成为名符其实的流行趋势,”设计师伊莎贝尔?杜普雷(Isabel Dupré)说,她的“小黑礼”(Little black dress)是伊莎贝尔?玛兰(Isabel Marant)豹纹装,她认为它能适用于各种场合。“豹纹装只要穿着得体,就会透出奢侈与‘时尚’气息,”她补充道。“多数情况下,穿黑色豹纹装从不落伍。”“Leopard print really is the new classic,” agrees Colleen Sherin, senior fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue. “Women today should look at leopard as a great investment piece and not something to shy away from because it’s too bold or too old or too young.” Helen David, head of womenswear at Harrods, says that because designers have offered leopard print in paler tones for autumn, it has become a more versatile day-to-evening option. “This season leopard print has firmly established itself,” says David, who bought everything from Roland Mouret’s multicoloured leopard eveningwear to a 3.1 Phillip Lim leather biker jacket with leopard print sleeves for the department store.“豹纹表现的是真正的新古典风格,”萨克斯第五大道(Saks Fifth Avenue)高级时尚总监珂丽恩?谢林(Colleen Sherin)对此表示赞同。“如今的女士应把豹纹装视作奇货可居之物,不能因它太过醒目、老气横秋或是朝气蓬勃而有意规避它。”哈罗德百货(Harrods)女装部总管海伦?大卫(Helen David)说。由于设计师在今秋时装季推出淡色调豹纹装,它已成为左右逢源的饰,能满足工作与社交的各种需求。“这个秋冬季,豹纹装已经牢牢地在时尚界站稳阵脚,”大卫说,她本人也购买了各种豹纹装,从罗兰?穆雷(Roland Mouret)的多色豹纹晚装到菲利普?林3.1(Phillip Lim 3.1)为百货公司设计的豹纹袖款托夹克,品类繁多。She is not the only one. Walk into a Burberry shop anywhere in the world and you will be faced by a plethora of animal spots; leopard print sleeves on a gabardine trench, a pair of metal bow-front patterned pumps, leopard mink trim on a tan drawstring leather bag, a below-the-knee calfskin printed pencil skirt, matching gloves or even an outsized leopard print umbrella.类似者大有人在。走进全球任何一家柏利(Burberry)门店,看到的是形形色色的动物斑纹装——带豹纹袖的华达呢风衣、弓背形金属图案的宫廷鞋(脚面露出较多,没有绑定固定部分,但脚踝部可有系带)、豹貂皮饰边的棕褐色拉带皮包、中长款小牛皮纹紧身窄裙,它们用手套甚至特大号豹纹雨伞搭配,相得益彰。There is no doubt then, that the preferred print of screen sirens Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor – not to mention 73-year-old Raquel Welch, who wore a leopard print dress at a pre-Emmy awards party last month – is making a roaring comeback. And the responses of designers and retailers suggest that it’s here to stay.毫无疑问,昔日影视界时尚女王索菲娅?罗兰(Sophia Loren)与伊丽莎白?泰勒(Elizabeth Taylor)钟爱的豹纹装正强势回归——更甭提73岁的拉奎尔?韦尔奇(Raquel Welch)了,她身穿豹纹裙出席了上月的艾美奖预热晚会(pre-Emmy awards party)。设计师与零售商反响强烈,表明豹纹装前景一片看好。Eva Chen, Lucky magazine editor-in-chief, calls it the “Jenna Lyons effect”, crediting the J Crew president and creative director with “informing women on how to mix and match sailor stripes, animal prints and out-there florals as you would a black or grey T-shirt”.《Lucky》时尚杂志华裔主编陈怡桦(Eva Chen)称之为“詹娜?莱昂斯效应”,她把这归功于时尚品牌J Crew总裁兼创意总监詹娜?莱昂斯(Jenna Lyons),对方“向女士灌输如何把水手条纹、动物斑纹以及异乎寻常的花纹等混搭至黑色或灰色T恤衫上”。“It’s a print that real women, not the red carpet divas, have made their own little by little,” says Stefano Gabbana, who recalls that leopard print dresses were considered daring – scandalous, even – when he co-founded Dolce amp; Gabbana in 1985. “For us, leopard print is universal, irrespective of age or profession,” adds his design partner Domenico Dolce.“豹纹装是‘真女人’(而非歌剧女主角)一点一滴打拼出来的天地,”斯特凡诺?加巴纳(Stefano Gabbana)说,他回忆自己1985年与多梅尼科?多尔切(Domenico Dolce)合创杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp; Gabbana)品牌时,穿豹纹装被视为惊世骇俗之举——甚至可以说有伤风化。“我们觉得豹纹装适合各个年龄段、各种职业,”加巴纳的设计伙伴多尔切补充道。Fellow Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has long had a love for these patterns. “Nature created the animal print and I just put my own twist on it,” he says. “What I appreciate most about leopard is its strong graphic identity that also lends itself to interpretation. As long as you wear it with confidence and ease, leopard will always be empowering.”他俩的意大利同行罗伯特?卡沃利(Roberto Cavalli)长久以来一直很喜欢这些豹纹图样。“大自然的造化缔造了这些动物斑纹,本人只是稍作改动而已,”他说。“我最欣赏豹纹,因为它能很好地通过图样体现穿着者的身份,还能起到一定的诠释作用。只要自信而轻松地穿着豹纹装,它永远显得那么英姿飒爽。”Empowering it may be, but it is best to t carefully while wearing the print in a business setting. “The more black you pair it with, the more that it will help mute the print but still allow it to flash,” says Alexandra Lebenthal, president and chief executive of municipal bond dealer Lebenthal amp; Company, who still counts her 10-year-old Equipment leopard print jacket as a wardrobe staple.尽管英姿飒爽,但出席商务活动时,穿着豹纹装走起路来要尽可能谨小慎微。“你搭配其它饰的颜色越黑,就越能中和豹纹装带来的咄咄逼人气势,但仍可让豹纹装光夺目,”市政债券交易公司Lebenthal amp; Company总裁兼CEO亚历桑德罗?莱贝撒尔(Alexandra Lebenthal)说,她仍把穿了10年的Equipment豹纹夹克视作自己的“镇箱之宝”。At Saks, Sherin advises the feline-shy to ease into the print with an accessory, such as a loafer or as a treatment on a lapel, in lining or as outerwear. “Wear leopard in a place you want to draw the eyes to,” she says.在萨克斯第五大道,谢林建议:不喜欢猫科动物斑纹者可用配饰慢慢过渡至豹纹的办法,如穿双乐福鞋、对翻领及内衬稍作改动、或是用外套来搭配。“把豹纹放在自己希望引发关注的部位,”她说。But at Net-a-Porter, the current popularity of the print was almost a missed opportunity. Having decided to take a break from the ubiquitous pattern this season, fashion director Holli Rogers dropped her spot-free mandate after seeing designers who normally shy away from leopard – from Stella McCartney to Mother of Pearl – embrace it with fervour: “Leopard print felt fresh again – something I wasn’t expecting this season at all.” And her advice on how to embrace the look? “My number one tip is to have fun with leopard,” she says. “Fearlessly experiment.”但目前最流行的豹纹装差点与Net-a-Porter网店失之交臂。时尚总监霍利?罗杰斯(Holli Rogers)原打定主意与今年秋冬季无处不在的豹纹式样“决裂”,但在亲眼目睹从斯特拉?麦卡特尼(Stella McCartney)到Mother of Pearl、这些昔日规避豹纹图样的设计师都对它顶礼膜拜后,也摈弃了不用动物斑纹的设计信条:“这个秋冬季豹纹再次迸发青春气息——这是我压根未曾预料到。”那么她建议该如何对待豹纹装?“本人最佳建议是高高兴兴接受豹纹装,”她说。“勇敢无畏地去尝试它。”The spot market for men: Get in touch with your inner caveman男士豹纹装:满足内心狂野“I guess animal prints have always been a classic – just never in menswear,” says Topman’s creative director Gordon Richardson of the animal print phenomenon that is crossing over into men’s wardrobes. “With the explosion of print and pattern we’ve been witnessing in menswear, an animal print suddenly seems like an easy option for men as a way of updating their wardrobes and looking ahead of the curve.”“我觉得动物斑纹装永远经典——只是原先从不与男装有关,”Topman创意总监戈登?理查德森(Gordon Richardson)这样评价动物斑纹装逐步进入男装领地这种现象。“随着动物斑纹及图样在男装系列遍地开花,它们似乎突然之间成为男士更新换代自己装、实现超前时尚的捷径。”But leopard print for men is not just about affordable T-shirts and sweatshirts; it is also being touted as an ultra luxurious investment buy, writes David Hayes.但男士豹纹装并非只是寻常价位的T恤以及运动衫,它还忽悠成有投资价值的超奢侈消费品,大卫?海耶斯(David Hayes)如是写道。“The ‘snow leopard’ patterned coat is in mink that has been needle-punched through cashmere jacquard,” says Kim Jones, creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear, of the label’s star men’s buy (£5,050). “It’s a brand new technique that we have developed exclusively.”“雪豹纹外套用羊绒提花针轧的貂皮做就,”路易威登(Louis Vuitton)男装创意总监金姆?琼斯(Kim Jones)这样评价旗下推出的、专门针对男士大腕的款式(售价5050英镑)。“这项全新技术是我们专为男士开发。”“I’ve always liked Stephen Sprouse’s leopard print for Louis Vuitton and wanted to make a masculine version of it,” adds Jones.“我一直很喜欢史蒂芬?斯普劳斯(Stephen Sprouse)为路易威登设计的豹纹装,也想设计类似的男装系列,”琼斯补充道。But will leopard print – however luxurious – sell to men? “Some of our clients are on a constant search for unique, limited edition products to make themselves stand out,” says Jones. “I’m always surprised by some of our top clients’ choices; it challenges us to come up with new developments season after season.”但男士豹纹装(不管多奢华)销路会如何?“有些顾客一直在苦苦找寻独具风格的限量版装,以使自己与众不同,”琼斯说。“我总是惊喜于某些高端客户的喜好;他们不断激励我们在每个装季推陈出新。”Another label pioneering leopard for men is British knit trio Sibling, who have made the leopard sweater their own (from £260). “All three of us adore animal prints,” says Cozette McCreery, who teamed up with Sid Bryan and Joe Bates to form Sibling in 2008. “Our wardrobes are like an African dictator’s interior decoration scheme: zebra, leopard spots, tiger stripes, snake print.另一前卫豹纹男装设计师是英国针织装三人组合Sibling,他们推出了自己的豹纹运动衫(售价260英镑起)。“我们三人都酷爱动物斑纹,”柯赛特?麦克里瑞(Cozette McCreery)说,她2008年与希德?布赖恩(Sid Bryan)以及乔?贝兹(Joe Bates)共同创建Sibling品牌。“我们的衣柜酷似非洲独裁者的室内装饰图案大荟萃:斑马纹、豹纹、狮纹以及蛇纹。“Our very first collection incorporated a leopard pattern on a cashmere base and was a firm favourite with everyone from skater guys to city boys,” adds McCreery. Why leopard? “Because it was always our intention to steal from womenswear. Now it’s what store buyers and consumers expect, and, because it feels timeless to us, we are happy to oblige.”“我们设计的第一个系列就把豹纹融入到羊绒制品中,从溜冰小伙到都市男孩,他们对我们的产品爱不释手,欲罢不能,” 麦克里瑞补充说。为何选择豹纹装?“因为我们一直有从女装嫁接设计风格的愿望。如今它是顾客与消费者期盼的产品,因为它永远不落伍,我们乐得顺水推舟。”Have animal prints really become the new neutral for men? Some style insiders are having none of it. “No. It’s a trend, not a classic,” says Mr Porter’s Jeremy Langmead emphatically.动物斑纹装是否真成了男士新的中性装代表?某些时尚业内人士全然不这么认为。“不,它只是股流行风,而非时尚经典,”在线零售商Mr Porter主编杰里米?兰米德(Jeremy Langmead)强调说。“For autumn we have bought animal prints sp broadly across accessories and clothing,” says Langmead. “From leopard sweaters by Raf Simons (£610) and shirts by Acne (£200) to Chelsea boots (£650) by Burberry Prorsum and scarves (£390) from Saint Laurent. But we also have a great pair of grey suede leopard print slippers by Jimmy Choo (£395) which could easily be worn with a dinner suit and are incredibly elegant.”“对于今年的秋冬季,我们采购了广泛运用动物斑纹的各种配饰及装,”兰米德说。“从拉夫?西蒙斯(Raf Simons)的豹纹毛衣(售价610英镑)、艾克妮(Acne)的豹纹衬衣(售价210英镑)、柏利?珀松(Burberry Prorsum)设计的短靴(Chelsea boots,售价650英镑)到圣?罗兰(Saint Laurent)的丝巾(售价390英镑),应有尽有。但我们也采购了Jimmy Choo灰色山羊皮豹纹拖鞋(售价395英镑),它设计精巧,很容易与晚宴小礼搭配穿,显得特别温文尔雅。”“It certainly heralds a new mood for print and texture in menswear. It will be interesting to see how this will evolve,” adds Langmead. “Who knew that men would willingly embrace florals a few years ago, let alone leopard?”“这明确昭示了男装花样与质地出现了新的时尚趋势。能亲眼目睹它如何演变发展很有意义,”兰米德补充道。“几年前,谁都没预见到男士会心甘情愿地喜欢上花式装?更甭提豹纹装了!” /201311/263916


  Let#39;s talk for a moment about the Olympic style, because style always matters at the Olympics, in particular the Winter Olympics, which is full of judgy-judgy, interpretive sports. But style counts everywhere. Even if you don#39;t think you#39;re being judged, you#39;re being judgy-judged. Trust me.让我们来谈一谈奥运会的“风格”。对奥运会来说,“风格”一直是个要紧问题。而对于裁判扮演重要角色、充斥着诠释性体育项目的冬奥会来说,“风格”尤其重要。但“风格”并不仅限于赛场上,它出现在奥运会的各个角落。即便你以为自己不会受到关注,但是你的风格也在被周围的人加以。相信我说的话。A twist on Sochi style, of course, has been the weather, specifically the lack of cold, and how this has impacted what people are wearing. Or rather, what they#39;re not. The other day a slopestyle skier skied in a T-shirt! A T-shirt! If you overstuffed your bags expecting the Winter Games to be a frigid, fur-lined glamour-in-Aspen blast, shoving thermal underwear upon thermal underwear into a side pocket, you overprepared. Hats are almost unnecessary, except at night. Gloves are overkill. I would suggest donating mittens to be used as sweaters for area cats, but area cats don#39;t need sweaters. Boots still have some purpose in the mountains, if only to trudge through the sunny mountain slush.对于索契冬奥会的风格,一个令人纠结的地方自然是天气问题,尤其是冬奥会举行期间缺乏寒冷天气,人们需要穿什么衣,或者更准确的说,人们不需要穿什么衣受到了很大影响。在前些天的花式滑雪比赛中,有一位参赛运动员竟然穿着T恤参加比赛!短袖T恤衫啊!如果你以为冬奥会举办地一定会像美国阿斯蓬(著名滑雪胜地)那般寒冷,人们都穿着毛皮衬里的冬,所以往自己的行李中塞了太多的东西、装进一件又一件保暖内衣,那么你就大错特错了。在索契,戴帽子是没有必要的,除了晚上。手套也没什么用。我建议你还是把毛线手套捐给当地的小猫当毛衣穿,不过当地的猫咪也不需要外套。但是,靴子在山地还是有些用的,尤其是在阳光灿烂的日子里,长途跋涉于泥泞的雪地里时靴子还是有帮助的。Still, some specific trends have emerged:不过,还是有一些独特的风尚在索契传播开来。Puffer jackets: It doesn#39;t matter if you are an athlete or just an attendee, you are behind the curve if you are not in Sochi with a super duper lightweight puffer jacket, which is the outerwear of choice here in both the coastal cluster and the mountain region. You have seen these jackets. Lightweight puffer jackets are simply puffer jackets that have been stripped of weighty frills, have smaller puff compartments and weigh as much as an issue of the New Republic. The best ones can be smooshed up into a compact ball and stuffed inside a backpack, or, better yet, another lightweight puffer jacket. This is something of a tweener winter fashion-it really works best with the temperature hovering between 45 and 55 Fahrenheit-but it#39;s perfect for Sochi.羽绒:不管你是运动员还是一般参与者,如果你在索契没有一套超轻款羽绒,那你就落伍了。无论是在沿海场馆地区,还是山地场馆地区,超轻款羽绒都是必备外套。这种外套并不是新生事物,它其实还是羽绒,不过省去了厚重的部分,充绒隔间较小,整件外套的重量和一本新闻杂志差不多。质量好的此种羽绒可以压扁卷成一个小球,然后装进背包里,甚至是塞进另一件超轻款羽绒中。虽然是冬季装,但是这种外套不太好归类,因为它比较适用于气温位于7-13摄氏度左右的时候,不过这倒是十分适合索契的天气。尽管这种羽绒看上去不像索契奥运会志愿者制那样色迷幻、令人印象深刻。不过各式各款羽绒却在索契大方异,彼此争艳。最为光滑的那些羽绒豪不含蓄的在面料上打上出产国或公司的标志。美国国家队的队由耐克公司(Nike)提供,这款超轻羽绒呈金属银色。耐克也为美国全国广播公司(N)提供了面料光滑的羽绒。由于N在索契奥运会媒体中心“秘密”地开了一家内部星巴克(Starbucks),所以有传言说耐克为N提供的羽绒里面还暗藏了一个星冰乐(Frappucino)口袋。Even if they#39;re nowhere near as daring or memorable as the psychedelic Sochi volunteer jackets-the true style statement of these Games-there is great puffer pride here, a competition within the competition. The slickest of puffers have their nation or company name emblazoned somewhere prominently on the material. Nike NKE +0.27% has sewn the puffers for the U.S. team, which come in metallic silver, chrome almost, giving the wearer the appearance of a bulging pan of Jiffy Pop. Nike also furnishes the slick puffer jackets for N, which, owing to the network#39;s clandestine internal Starbucks in Sochi, are rumored to come with hidden interior Secret Frappucino (SeFrapp) pockets.冰球:在冬奥会上,冰球是最受瞩目的运动,上周六的俄美之战更加精。美国男子冰球队以3:2的比分在预赛中战胜俄罗斯队,实现了赛前造势时的玩笑话。冰球通常尺码过大,根本就不合身,但冰球是在真正观看比赛的时候被冰球迷普遍接受的着装(这一点和橄榄球赛衣不同)。在俄罗斯还能看到一些漂亮的老式冰球,比如有几个球迷穿着苏联队,也有几个穿着美国队,一位球迷穿上了红翼队冰球,还有一个黑鹰队球迷穿着一件Ditka的球衣(没错,就是Ditka)。耐克设计的几款美国队有些让人失望,但周日对阵斯洛文尼亚(这个队的队像是哈特福捕鲸者的队跟酸橙派的混搭)的时候,美国队穿的怀旧款队则非常完美。Hockey jerseys: Hockey is the It Sport at these games, and got kicked with a supercharge on Saturday when the U.S. men#39;s team defeated Russia 3-2 in an epic preliminary throwdown that somehow lived up to the comical pregame hype. Oversized and not the slightest bit body-fitting, hockey jerseys are the most socially acceptable of jerseys for fans to wear to the actual game (unlike football jerseys, which are deployed as a license for your dentist to behave like a lunatic on Sundays).在这一波新浪潮中,其他胜出者还包括:俄罗斯的队(老式、印有双头鹰标志,非常好看)、拉脱维亚的队(深红色非常抢眼)和加拿大的队(简洁、典雅、印着枫叶图案)。最好看的大概要数斯洛伐克的队,他们把国歌横着印在队上,形成了一道道横条――洋基队应该借用这一手法,把国歌歌词换成工资数额和罗德里奎兹(Alex Rodriguez)的律师们的电话号码就行了。There are some beautiful oldies in sight here in Russia: some old CCCP, some old Team USA, a Red Wings Yzerman and a Blackhawks fan in a DITKA. (Yes, Ditka.) Nike took some grief for some of its U.S. team jerseys, but the retro USA ones they busted out on Sunday versus Slovenia (who dressed like the Hartford Whalers mixed with Key lime pie) were perfect. The new wave has other real standouts: Russia#39;s are old-fashioned, double-headed-eagled, spectacular; Latvia is rocking handsome crimson; Canada again keeps it simple, graceful, maple-leafed. The best are probably Slovakia#39;s, which have the national anthem scrolling across in horizontal pinstripes-a gimmick the Yankees should borrow, substituting lyrics for payroll figures and the telephone numbers of Alex Rodriguez#39;s attorneys.速滑:到现在为止,你可能已经听说过了美国速滑队的伤心故事。他们抱着极大的夺牌热望来到索契,但在紧张的时尚危机中梦想破裂。《华尔街日报》的记者Josh Robinson和Sara Germano在一系列黯淡无光的结果出炉后报道说,速滑队员对他们的Under Armour队感到厌恶,据说,队是在火星上由生活在未来的机器人手工缝制的。Skinsuits: By now you have probably heard about the style travails of the U.S. speedskating team, which arrived in Sochi with great medal ambitions, but has fallen apart amid an anxious fashion crisis. The Journal#39;s Josh Robinson and Sara Germano broke the news that after a string of lackluster results, the speed skaters were in revolt about their Under Armour skin suits, which were allegedly handcrafted on Mars by robots living in the future. On Saturday, the team went back to the old suits and...same lackluster performance. So was it the suits? Chaos abounds, but there#39;s a suspicion the suit-roversy injured team confidence, so even if the old suit was helping, it was undermined by all the rumpus. This has led to a conversation about the psychological benefits of style-if you are, in fact, what you wear-and you know this is all leading up to U.S. speedskating suits in Pyeongchang 2018 designed by Tom Ford, who is probably going to insist on cuff links, too.上周六,速滑队穿上了老款队,结果呢,成绩还是一样不尽人意。那么,这到底是是不是队的问题呢?虽然众说纷纭,但有人怀疑,因队而起的争议打击了团队的信心,所以,就算老款队能有所助益,也被这些口角完全抵消了。这还导致了一场有关着装风格带来的心理助益的对话――如果真是人靠衣衫马靠鞍的话,那么你就会知道,这样的对话将延续到2018年平昌冬奥会上汤姆#12539;福特(Tom Ford)设计的美国速滑队上,估计他很可能也会坚持用袖扣。Pants: Enough has aly been said about curling pants and the curling pants craze, in particular the daring curling pants of the Norwegian curling team, which everywhere else are simply known as oh-look-it#39;s-the-crazy-guy-at-a-barbecue pants. Pants in ice dancing are high-waisted, like Joaquin Phoenix and his buddies in #39;Her.#39; Then there was Henrik Harlaut, the Swedish freestyle skier who enjoys skiing with Dirk Nowitzki#39;s snowpants dangling from his knees.裤装:有关冰壶运动员的裤装以及人们对这种裤装的狂热,谈论的已经够多了,特别是挪威冰壶队大胆的裤装,这种裤装在世界任何其他地方都会被叫做“看呐那就是烧烤怪人穿的裤子”。冰上舞者穿的裤装腰线很高,就像华金#12539;菲尼克斯(Joaquin Phoenix)和他的伙伴们在电影《她》(Her)当中穿的那种裤子。还有亨里克#12539;哈劳特(Henrik Harlaut),这名瑞典自由滑雪运动员喜欢穿着诺维茨基(Dirk Nowitzki)式的长及膝盖的裤子滑雪。#39;It#39;s part of my style,#39; Harlaut said.哈劳特说,这是我个人风格的一部分。Harmless fun. Everybody loves a pant-based sport. In Sochi, and the rest of the world. It#39;s just a style truth.这是无伤大雅的趣事。所有人都喜欢某种穿裤装的运动。在索契,在全球其他地方都是如此。这就是冬奥会的时尚真相。ppointing activists who say the decision is likely to force more refugees into deeper poverty.香港最高法院周二拒绝给予香港难民工作权。这一决定令活动人士感到失望,他们表示,此决定可能导致更多难民变得更加贫困;香港的一些难民生活在类似贫民窟的环境中。The financial capital#39;s treatment of refugees has come under fierce criticism in recent years. Until a court ruling last year, Hong Kong refused to handle many asylum requests, effectively outsourcing them to the local office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, which helped refugees find homes elsewhere. The city doesn#39;t allow recognized refugees to permanently settle inside its borders, instead requiring them to seek homes overseas.近年来,香港对待难民的方式受到猛烈抨击。在去年法院作出相关判决之前,香港一直拒绝受理许多避难申请,实际上相当于把这些申请推给了驻香港的联合国难民事务高级专员办事处(U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees)。该办事处帮助难民在其他地方寻找避难地。香港不允许被确定身份的难民在其境内永久定居,而是要求他们到境外寻找避难地。That process of resettlement can take a decade or more, and in the meantime, many refugees and asylum-seekers live in squalid shacks dotting the city#39;s periphery. Hong Kong technically allows refugees to work, but they must first seek approval from the immigration department, which rarely grants it, lawyers say. If they work without permission, they risk jail time.这一重新安置过程可能耗时10年或更长时间。与此同时,许多难民和寻求避难的人都住在分散于香港周边的简陋棚屋中。律师说,从技术上讲,香港允许难民工作,但他们必须首先获得入境事务处的批准,但后者准许难民工作的情况十分罕见。如果难民在没有获准的情况下工作,他们可能被监禁。On Tuesday, Cosmo Beatson of refugee-advocacy group Vision First lambasted the court#39;s decision, calling it #39;massively disappointing.#39; Other developed nations, he notes, such as the U.S., grant refugees the right to work.周二,难民权益维护组织Vision First的Cosmo Beatson严厉批评了法院的决定,称该决定非常令人失望。他说,美国等其他发达国家都给予难民工作权。#39;The right to work is a fundamental right,#39; he said. #39;The fact that we#39;ve had refugees who#39;ve been recognized 10 years ago and still can#39;t work is absolutely outrageous.#39;他说,工作权是基本的权利。香港有10年前就被确认身份的难民,但仍无法工作。这样的情况让人震惊。Advocates say allowing refugees to work would have a limited impact on society, given that there are currently only around 100 recognized claimants in the city.维权人士说,鉴于目前香港只有大约100名被确认身份的难民提出工作申请,允许难民工作对社会的影响有限。In its ruling, Hong Kong#39;s court unanimously dismissed the appeal of four applicants identified in the judgment by their initials. The applicants hail from Burundi, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and all resided in Hong Kong for around a decade without the ability to work.香港法院一致裁定驳回四名申请人的上诉。这四人的名字在判决中以首字母的方式出现。这些申请人来自布隆迪、斯里兰卡和巴基斯坦,且都是在没有工作权的情况下在香港居住了大约10年。According to Daly amp; Associates, the law firm representing them, three of the four applicants are suffering from major depression or schizophrenia because of both the terrors they have suffered in the past and as a consequence of their uncertain status in Hong Kong.代表这些申请人的律师事务所Daly amp; Associates说,四名申请人中有三人都出现严重的抑郁和精神分裂,诱因包括他们过去受到的恐吓以及他们在香港不确定的地位。#39;This is not a case about #39;immigrants#39; taking #39;our jobs,#39;#39; said the firm#39;s Mark Daly. #39;It is a case about basic human dignity.#39;该律所的戴利(Mark Daly)说:这无关于移民抢走我们工作机会的问题,这是关于人的基本尊严的问题。Though three of the applicants can now work, Mr. Daly notes, they were given temporary permission, which expires this year, only after filing their latest appeal with the court.戴利指出,虽然四名申请人中有三人目前可以工作,但他们只是在提出最新上诉后才获得了临时许可,而临时许可将在今年到期。A spokesman for city#39;s security bureau, meanwhile, said that it welcomed the court#39;s judgment, adding that the government had #39;been acting and will continue to act in accordance with the law in a fair and reasonable manner.#39;与此同时,香港保安局发言人说,对法院判决表示欢迎,并补充说,政府一直在行动,并将继续根据法律采取公平合理的行动。 /201402/276465

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