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Business.商业。Facebook and the under-13s.脸谱网和13岁以下的儿童。Kid gloves.谨慎处理儿童问题。Small children are a big headache for the social network.社交网络中的小鬼是个大问题。ONE American in three aged 65 or older uses social networks, says a new report by the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank. But it is the small surfers, not the silver ones, who are currently making waves. Facebook is examining ways to allow children under the age of 13 to use its service, with some form of parental supervision. If this happens-and Facebook stresses that it has not yet decided whether to go ahead-it would be a venture into uncharted territory.美国智库皮尤研究中心在新发布的一份报告中指出,美国65岁及其以上的老年人中有三分之一使用社交网络。但如今制造状况的却是年纪轻轻的冲浪者,而非满头白发的人。脸谱网将核准允许13岁以下的儿童在某种父母监管形式下使用其务的方式。如果脸谱网的确将其付诸行动——脸谱网强调它并未决定是否采取进一步的措施——它将在一片未知领域中展开冒险。Critics howl that young children lack the maturity to cope with social networks. They also worry that Facebook will find devious ways to make money from naive children or, more likely, their parents. ;We would be giving the keys to the chicken coop to the fox,; says Doug Fodeman of ChildrenOnline.org, a pressure group.者们怒斥道,儿童不够成熟,社交网络上的种种他们应付不来。他们也担心脸谱网会从天真无知的孩子们,或者更有可能是其父母身上赚取不义之财。任职于一家压力集团——儿童网络务组织——的Doug Fodeman说:;我们这是在送羊入虎口。;There is also the thorny question of how Facebook could comply with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in America, which was designed to protect children under 13 as they use the internet. The law stipulates that online services with youngsters among their customers must obtain the consent of the childrens parents before collecting data from them. Parents also need to be able to review their childrens data and have these deleted if they so wish. The onerous nature of these and other COPPA provisions explains why social networks have tended to shun the young. Facebook insists that you have to be 13 to use its service.另一个棘手的问题便是脸谱网会如何遵守《儿童网络隐私权法案》(COPPA),该法案旨在对13岁以下使用因特网的儿童进行保护。法案规定,拥有儿童客户的网络务须征得其父母同意才能获取他们的资料。父母也同样需要有权审查孩子的资料,并且如果父母觉得有必要,可以删掉孩子的资料。COPPA的上述规定及其它条款繁琐复杂,这就使得社交网络都刻意避开年轻客户。脸谱网则强调,其用户必须年满13岁。The snag is that children fib about their age. A study by Consumer Reports found that 5.6m children under 13 were using Facebook in America alone. Another survey of American parents found that adults often knew that their children were less than 13 when they joined Facebook. In many cases, the parents helped them to set up their accounts.不过有个小问题:孩子们会谎报年龄。消费者报告在研究中发现,单在美国就有560万13岁以下的儿童玩脸谱网。另一份针对美国父母的调查表明,父母通常都知道其孩子注册脸谱网时还未满13岁。而且在很多情况下,父母们都会帮助他们开通账户。Regulators have noticed. Facebooks current musings may reflect the fear that the firm will run into trouble if it does nothing. It aly has slightly more robust privacy settings for children between the ages of 13 and 17. But it would need a far tighter regime for younger children, says Sarah Downey of Abine, an online consumer-privacy company.网络监管部门已注意到了这点。脸谱网当前的考量是它担心如果无任何作为,公司便会麻烦缠身。它已为13至17岁的用户建立了更为健全的隐私设置。不过,来自网络客户隐私保护公司亿邦公司的Sarah Downey说,脸谱网也许需要为13岁以下的儿童设立更为严格的监管机制。In spite of its plummeting share price, Facebook has oodles of cash from its recent stockmarket flotation. So it could easily hire the extra staff needed to support parents and their youngsters, as well as to ensure compliance with COPPA. Mark Zuckerberg, the social networks boss, has said he believes childrens education should start early. Now he has a chance to prove that he means it.尽管脸谱网股价暴跌,但近期的上市使得它有大笔现金入帐。因此,雇佣额外所需员工为父母及其孩子提供务,并且使这些员工遵守COPPA,对脸谱网而言也许并非难事。该社交网站的老板Mark Zuckerberg说,对儿童的教育应尽早开始。如今便有一个机会摆在他面前,让他明自己不是说说而已。 /201209/200525

  Science and Technolgy科技The history of AIDS艾滋病的历史Heroes and villains英雄与熊The story of AIDS involves many larger-than-life characters, good and bad艾滋病的故事造就了众多的传奇人物,也展示了人性的善与恶ANNIVERSARIES are times for reflection, and this one should be no exception, for the 30-year history of AIDS is a mirror in which humanity can examine itself.周年纪念是缅怀沉思的时刻,这一次也不该例外。30年的艾滋病历史成为检视人性自身的明镜。From questionable scientists to philanthropic billionaires, peoples actions against AIDS, and reactions to it, have shown up the best and worst that humans have to offer.从道德缺失的科学家到乐善好施的亿万富翁,人们对抗艾滋病的行动及反应已经展示出人类最光明与最阴暗的一面。Such dualism was there from the beginning, in the question of who discovered the AIDS-causing virus.这种双重性一开始就存在于谁才是艾滋病致病病毒发现者的问题中。There were two claimants. One, Robert Gallo, is American. The other, Luc Montagnier, is French.两名科学家宣称自己发现了艾滋病病毒,一名是美国人罗伯特?盖勒,另一名是法国人吕克?蒙塔尼(Luc Montagnier)。Dr Gallo called his discovery HTLV-3. Dr Montagnier called his LAV.前者将病毒命名为HTLV-3,后者命名为LAV,事实上两者是同一种病毒。They were in fact the same thing. It turned out, however, that Dr Gallos virus had come from Dr Montagniers laboratory.然而事实明盖勒士的病毒样本来源于蒙塔尼实验室,但为什么会这样却始终未得到实,但受指责的也许是那例受感染的病毒样本。It was never conclusively proved how, though a contaminated sample may have been to blame. And Dr Gallo was exonerated of any wrongdoing by an official investigation and is universally recognised to have done important work on AIDS.官方调查机构实盖勒士未有任何不诚实行为,人们也普遍承认他为艾滋病做出了重要的工作。But only Dr Montagnier won the Nobel prize-eloquent testimony to some peoples opinion of the whole affair.但最终只有吕克?蒙塔尼(Luc Montagnier)获得了诺贝尔奖—充分说明了一些人的言论对整件事情的影响。Another source of conflict was whether HIV, as the virus eventually came to be known, was truly the cause of AIDS.另一个争执点是:在HIV病毒逐渐被公众熟知后,人们开始质疑HIV病毒是否真的是导致艾滋病的病因。At the beginning of the epidemic, that might have been debatable.在艾滋病流行初期,这一点可能一直存在争议。Perhaps HIV was merely a passenger that took advantage of an immune system weakened by another cause?或许HIV病毒只是趁机搭载在了被其它原因损害的免疫系统上。One once-respected scientist, Peter Duesberg, who did early research on viral causes of cancer, would not drop the idea.彼得·迪斯贝格(Peter Duesberg)早期曾做过病毒致癌的研究,这位曾备受尊敬的科学家就不愿意放弃这种观点。He insisted-and still insists-that the weakening of the immune system characteristic of AIDS is caused by drug-taking (he blames both recreational drugs and AZT, one of the early anti-AIDS drugs), and that HIV is, indeed, a passenger.无论过去和现在他都坚持认为具有艾滋病特征的免疫系统弱化是由于吸毒引起(他指责软性毒品和AZT(早期抗艾滋病药物之一)),认为HIV确实只是个搭载病毒。This theory would not have mattered much except that Thabo Mbeki, a former president of South Africa, latched on to it.这种理论并不太会引起什么重视,只有南非前总统塔·姆贝基(Thabo Mbeki)才热衷于相信它。Since South Africa has the worlds largest number of AIDS cases, and one of its highest infection rates, this was bad news, as was Mr Mbekis health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, who was appointed mainly because she agreed with him, and recommended beetroot and garlic as treatment for the disease.南非是全世界拥有艾滋病患者最多国家,也是该病最高传染率国家之一,这是个坏消息。同样的坏消息还有塔·姆贝基(Thabo Mbeki)任命Manto Tshabalala-Msimang为卫生部长,主要原因是由于在艾滋病问题上她赞同了他的观点,在治疗艾滋病上,Manto Tshabalala-Msimang建议患者应该食用甜菜根和大蒜。Only with the election of Jacob Zuma, who has himself been publicly tested for HIV (he did not have it), did South Africa return to sensible anti-AIDS policies.直到祖马当选总统之后,他公开为自己的身体做HIV检查(没检查出有HIV病毒),南非的抵抗艾滋病政策才转向明智。Among the heroes, Bill Gates looms large.在抗击艾滋病的英雄中,比尔·盖茨是最贡献突出的一位。The foundation into which he poured much of his Microsoft fortune took AIDS seriously from the beginning, forming a particularly fruitful partnership with the government of Botswana, one of the worst-affected countries.他起初就对艾滋病十分重视,创立了艾滋病基金,并将微软财富大量注入其中,与艾滋病重灾国家之一的茨瓦纳政府形成了卓有成效的合作。And Nelson Mandela, the heroes hero, also cleaved eventually to the path of righteousness, even while admitting he had not done enough to combat AIDS during his own presidency of South Africa.纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)可谓是英雄中的英雄,他始终坚守正义之路,甚至承认在任职南非总统期间自己在对抗艾滋病方面的工作还做的不够。Mr Gates and Mr Mandela are easy to admire.盖茨和曼德拉是容易让人们尊敬的英雄。One hero that many AIDS activists have difficulty accepting, though, is George Bush junior.但另一名英雄小布什却让许多艾滋病活动人士难于接受。Activists do not much like born-again Christians, who take a dim view of the sort of sex lives that help to sp HIV.他们不太喜欢他这样的重生的基督徒,因为重生基督徒不赞成性生活能帮助HIV病毒进行传播。But Mr Bush was responsible for setting up the Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and for making sure it had plenty of money.但是布什的功绩是制定了总统防治艾滋病紧急救援计划(PEPFAR)并保它有足够的资金持。PEPFAR is one of the two main organisations, along with the Global Fund, that dish out the cash that rich countries give poor ones to combat AIDS.PEPFAR是全球两大主要基金组织之一,它与全球基金(Global Fund)一道将发达国家的大量资金拨调给贫穷国家以对抗艾滋病。Last year, it spent almost billion on AIDS and the tuberculosis that often accompanies it, and it is responsible for helping half of the 6.6m people now on anti-retroviral drugs.去年,PEPFAR用于治疗艾滋病及其常伴结核病的资金就达70多亿美元,现在它负责资助330万艾滋病患者用抗转录病毒药物。Many activists may be reluctant to give Mr Bush credit.也许众多艾滋病活动人士不愿意给小布什任何赞誉。But handsome is as handsome does.但英雄终归是英雄。 /201210/203877

  Science and technology科学技术Animal behaviour动物行为Drip-feeding滴定进食Ecology raids the techniques of chemistry生态学里应用上了化学技术。Time to change restaurant该换家馆子了。BIOLOGISTS are sometimes accused of physics envy—and there is truth in this accusation.生物学家们常常被认为非常嫉妒研究物理学的人。The essential fuzziness of biological systems can never be captured by the precise, mathematically based experiments of something like the Large Hadron Collider.他们永远不可能通过像大型强子加速碰撞那样精确、量化的实验来揭示生物学里的一些关键性的奥秘。Between physics and biology on the spectrum of fuzziness, though, lies chemistry.但是在这种奥秘的“两极”—物理学和生物学之间还有化学。And a group of researchers led by Carolyn Nersesian of the University of Sydney has just borrowed one of chemistry’s most elegant techniques, titration, to answer a pressing ecological question: how do animals choose where to feed?最近由悉尼大学的卡洛琳·涅尔谢相带领的一组研究人员借用化学里一种非常精妙的技术—滴定法来解决一个迫待回答的问题:动物们如何选择觅食场所。Titration, to remind those who dozed through their chemistry lessons, is a way of working out the concentration of a substance in a solution.滴定法是一种计算溶质在溶液中的浓度的方法。A reagent of known concentration is dripped into the unknown solution in the presence of an appropriate indicator molecule.在某种特定的指示分子的参与下,将一种已知浓度的溶液滴到未知溶液中。When the tipping point comes, and all of the unknown reagent has reacted, the solution changes colour.当滴定终点到来时,所有的未知溶液全都完成了化学反应,溶液的颜色就会发生变化。The unknown concentration can then be calculated from the amount of known reagent used.然后未知溶液的浓度就可以通过被消耗掉的已知溶液的体积计算出来。In Dr Nersesian’s titration the litmus was a species called the brushtail possum. The two reagents were predators and poisons.涅尔谢相士的滴定实验中的“石蕊指示剂”是一种叫帚尾袋貂的动物。那两种溶液是“猎食者”和“有毒物”。In the wild, possums feed mainly on eucalyptus trees.在野生环境下,袋貂主要以桉树叶为食。Feeding in trees this way also keeps them safe from ground-based predators, such as foxes.生活在树上也能让它们安全地远离地面上的那些猎食者—例如狐狸。They frequently have to shift from tree to tree in search of non-poisonous leaves, though, because a tree that is being browsed starts manufacturing toxins.但是他们还得经常从一棵树上换到另一棵树上去寻找那些没有毒的叶子。因为一颗树如果被它们吃久了就会自动分泌毒素。Dr Nersesian reasoned that there is probably a measurable point at which a plant becomes so toxic that possums prefer to take their chances with the predators on the ground—and she realised this was a perfect opportunity to do an ecological titration.涅尔谢相士认为可能当植物中的毒素达到一个量值的时候,袋貂会选择冒着被猎食的风险,然后她就意识到这是一个应用生态滴定法绝好的机会。As she reports in the Journal of Animal Ecology, she attempted to imitate the distinction between trees and ground by giving eight possums the opportunity to feed in either of two enclosures.她发表在动物生态学报上报告中写道:她通过给8只袋貂两种桉树来选择觅食来模拟树上和地面的区别。In one, cover was created with eucalyptus branches and light levels were kept low, mimicking an arboreal habitat.一棵桉树上,有特意放置的桉树枝来遮挡,光照强度也很低,模拟出适合树栖动物习性的环境。Here, the food was sometimes spiked with cineole—a poison often found in eucalyptus leaves.但是,这种树上的叶子有时含有桉树脑—桉树叶中常见的毒素。In the other enclosure, the food was always untarnished.另一棵桉树上,叶子总是无毒的,但是,没有树枝的遮挡。However, no cover was provided and fox scent, in the form of faeces and urine, was scattered liberally around, mimicking conditions on the ground.而且通过将一些狐狸的“踪迹”,例如狐狸的脸谱尿液随意四散在周围,来模拟地面环境。To start with, when the level of cineole was low, possums preferred the first enclosure.开始桉树脑的浓度很低,袋貂都喜欢第一棵桉树。But as the drip of the titration went up, from 0% to 1% to 2% to 5% and ultimately to 10% of the food being cineole, their behaviour changed.但是随着滴定程度的上升,食物中的桉树脑含量从0%到1%到2%到5% 到最终的10%,它们的行为开始出现变化。It was not quite the sudden shift from litmus red to blue of an acid being neutralised by an alkali, but it was not far off.虽然不是完全像酸溶液完全被碱溶液中和时石蕊试剂突然从红变蓝那样迅速,但是也差不太多。When the food was toxin-free, the possums spent an average of 40 minutes of every hour eating safely under treelike cover and only 20 minutes in the risky, ground-like enclosure, and that scarcely changed for 1% and 2% cineole.当叶子无毒时,袋貂们每小时用平均40分钟的时间在树枝状的遮蔽物下安全的进食。而在危险的类地面的桉树上只待20分钟,这时的桉树脑含量变化在1%到2%之间。The switch began at 5%, and by the time the cineole level had reached 10% the ratio of time the animals spent in the two enclosures had reversed itself—presumably reflecting, though this remains to be tested, the point at which they change trees in the wild.分界点出现在5%,当桉树脑含量达到10%,这些小动物们呆在这两颗桉树上的时间比完全颠倒过来了——这大致上能反映在野外环境下它们换树进食时的毒素量值,当然这还有待验。Though foxes are of recent introduction in Australia, many marsupial predators, now extinct, were present before the arrival of man in both his Aboriginal and his European forms, so the ecological system of plants, herbivores and carnivores in the eucalyptus forests would probably not have been that different in the evolutionary past.虽然狐狸是很晚才被引进到澳大利亚的,但是在原始人或者欧洲人到来之前还有很多其他的有袋动物的猎食者。所以桉树林生态系统中的那些植物,素食动物肉食动物,与进化史中较早的生态系统相比,差别可能也没有那么大。A neat illustration, then, of co-evolution between three different parts of an ecosystem—and of the value, even in biology, of precise measurement.这样一来生态系统中的三个不同角色的协同进化的一张清晰的图表呈现出来。在生物学里也能进行精确的量化计算,这种尝试的价值是巨大的。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/231322。


  Mike: Im glad you decided to come watch this movie with me today, Amanda. The director has done a lot of cutting edge work, and I hear that this is his most experimental film yet.迈克:阿曼达,我很高兴今天你能陪我一起看这场电影。这部片子的导演曾创作过不少前卫的电影,而且听说这是他最成熟的一部电影。Amanda: I just hope it isnt as boring as the last movie you made me watch—the one where the main character did nothing but stare at clocks for two hours. I dont understand why we always have to go see such artsy-fartsy movies. Why cant we just watch a good old-fashioned romantic comedy sometimes?阿曼达:我只希望它不像你上次带我去看的那部那么无聊就好了。那部电影里面的主演什么事都没做,光盯着时钟就看了两个小时。我真不明白我们干嘛整天看这种做作的文艺片,难道我们就不能去看一部老式的浪漫喜剧吗?Mike: Going to see those kinds of mainstream Hollywood movies is just going to make your brain cells rot. Dont you want a movie to make you think? Dont you want it to cause you to see the world in profound new ways?迈克:去看那些随大流的好莱坞电影只会让你的脑细胞死亡。难道你就不想看一部能够引你思考的电影吗?难道你就不想看一部可以让你对世界有新的、更深层次的认识的电影吗?Amanda: Actually, I always thought that we go to the movies because we want to be entertained. I wasnt aware that it was supposed to be educational, like going to school or something.阿曼达:实际上,我总觉得我们去看电影就是因为想。我没有意识到原来看电影还要有教育意义,就像去上学似的。Mike: Shhh... All right, be quiet! The movies starting.迈克:嘘...好吧,安静点!电影开始了。Amanda: Wait a second! I didnt know Angelina Jolie was going to be in this! I thought the reason you wanted to watch this movie was because its ;experimental.;阿曼达:等一会!我不知道这部电影里会出现安吉丽娜·朱莉!我还以为你看这部电影是因为它有“实验性”。Mike: It is! It is! Trust me, youll thank me for bringing you!迈克:对啊!对啊!相信我,你会感谢我带你来看的!原文译文属!201303/230611And then, in 1610, all Moors were expelled from Spain, whether they had converted to Catholicism or not.然后,在1610年,所有尔人被逐出西班牙,他们亦或者已经皈依了天主教。As so often, the victors in this epic struggle re-wrote history to suit their own militant ideology.情况往往是这样的,这场史诗般的斗争中的胜利者对于历史的重写才能符合他们自己的激进意识形态。For centuries afterwards, the whole rich history of Arab Spain was destined to be remembered as no more than the nations long journey through a dark tunnel, at the end of which shone the light of the Christian Reconquista.几个世纪之后, 阿拉伯西班牙的整个丰富历史注定被人们铭记,因为没有一个国家的长途旅行是好似穿过一个黑暗的隧道,最后被基督教的神圣光芒照亮。And the Arabs themselves were remembered as no more than villains in a great story of Christian triumph.而且阿拉伯人自己也都记得不是在伟大基督教的胜利故事中的恶棍们。Today, in festivals all over Spain, the Moors are still portrayed as pantomime villains.时至今日,在西班牙的节日中,尔人仍被描绘成童话中的坏蛋。Ive come to the small town of Quentar, just outside Granada, to watch the local Moors and Christians festival.我来到拉纳达外的小镇奎恩塔,看看当地的尔和基督教节日。201303/227870

  Michael Jordans legacy is authenticity. If you removed all the hype, all the marketing, all the show-time glitz, he would be as 100% genuine as anybody whoever played in a gym or an armory anywhere anytime.迈克尔;乔丹的遗产是其真实性。如果你拿掉所有的炒作,所有的市场,所有的秀场浮华,他就会还原成100%的真实,就像在健身馆或军械库曾经乐此不疲的任何一个人一样。Theres never been a player thats had that ability that Michael Jordans had in the kind of way he did it in this game of basketball.从来没有这么一个好球员,像迈克尔;乔丹一样以他的那种方式驾驭篮球。His legacy is a new born child ten years from now and a father says, ;I wish you could have seen Michael Jordan.;他的遗产是一个新出生的孩子在从现在起的十年后也需要被其父亲教诲道:;我真希望你能有幸看到过迈克尔;乔丹的比赛。;The dignity and grace with which you conduct yourself off the court, those are important things, and I believe those are enduring things.高贵和优雅是你在场下才该做的事情,虽然这些都是重要的事情,但我认为有些事情更为重要。You figure thereve been,I dont know, 25,000 years. I dont know how you do the math of that, but thats like out of all 50,000 top athletes, since, you know, prehistoric times brontosaurus and pterodactyls included, hes right there!你认为以前,我不知道,或许是25000年前。我不知道你是怎么算数学的,但是这就像50000位的顶级的运动员,因为,你知道,包括史前时期雷龙和翼手龙那个时期,而他就在那里!Ten years from now, 20 years from now, what I hear people saying, or l would want people to say, and its simple, that if Michael Jordan was still playing the game of basketball, he would dominate.从现在起的十年内,或从今后的20年起,我听到别人说,或者我想人们说,很简单,如果迈克尔;乔丹继续驰骋篮球场,他仍然可以占据统治地位。No matter what happens in this business of basketball, if we didnt get paid a dime, you still would play the game of basketball somewhere.不管接下来篮球场内场外会发生什么事,商业氛围占据多大比重,如果我们没有得到一毫一厘的付,你仍然会在某处继续打篮球,固守着你那个永恒的篮球梦。Somewhere theres a kid working.He wont skip any steps. He will learn from my example, just as I have learned from others.在某个地方,会有一个小孩不懈努力着。他不会跳过任何步骤。他会学我的例子,正如我从别人那里学到的一样。There will be a player greater than me.青出于蓝而胜于蓝,迟早会有一位球员比我更加伟大。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/171472



  Take two nails and scrape them together vigorously. Now touch the place you were scraping. Itrsquo;s hot! Let them cool and try it again. Itrsquo;s hot again! You could do this all day and the nails would never stop growing hot. If heat were a liquid, there would have to be an infinite amount of it even in a tiny nail. Whatrsquo;s the better answer? Heat is a measure of kinetic energy. Kinetic energy means the amount of motion the molecules in the nail have, or how much they jostle against each other. The hot spoon heats your hand not because something invisible is being poured in, but because the fast-jostling molecules of the spoon hit the molecules in your hand and start them jostling too. In the case of the nails, all thatrsquo;s needed to produce more heat is to start jostling those molecules again after theyrsquo;ve calmed down. You wonrsquo;t ever run out of heat.以两个钉子和他们一起大力刮。现在触摸的地方,你被刮。它的热!让他们冷静,并再次尝试。它的热了!您可以这样做,整天和指甲永远不会停止增长热点。如果热的液体,它是一个无限量,即使在一个微小的指甲。什么更好的吗?热是一种动能的措施。动能手段的运动量在指甲的分子,或有多少,他们对彼此争抢。热勺加热你的手不会因为看不见的东西正在浇筑,但由于勺子快速冲撞分子的分子打在你的手,开始他们过于拥挤。在指甲的情况下,所有的需要产生更多的热量是开始再次冲撞这些分子后,他们已经平静下来。你永远不会用完的热量。201201/169529


  Bison lose the last of their winter coats.野牛失去它们最后的冬衣。In the heat, tempers fray.在暑热中,这些坏脾气的家伙们开始争论不休。To escape soaring ground temperatures, cowbirds choose a bisons back as a cool place to feed and catch the breeze.为了逃离地面气温的飙升,燕八哥们选择野牛背作为一个凉爽的地方用以进食并享受徐徐微风。Biting insects now become a draining nuisance.昆虫的叮咬现在成为排水公害。A grizzly bear escapes the heat and bugs in the cool waters of a lake.一只灰熊为了逃离暑热量和蚊虫来到了凉爽的一个湖里。 注:听力文本来源于普特 201210/203560

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