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上饶脱腿毛多少钱上饶激光去痘坑的价格Stop sulking. It#39;s perfectly natural to wear your brother#39;s hand-me-downs ...不要生闷气啦!弟弟穿哥哥的旧衣是再自然不过的事情了…… /201611/476835信州区激光除斑多少钱 上饶光子嫩肤祛黑斑哪家医院好

上饶信州区纹眼线手术多少钱7.Organic (Raw) Sugar Is Healthier Than Table Sugar7.有机(原)糖比蔗糖更健康Raw sugar looks so appealing, with its light caramel hue and nuggety shape.原糖似乎更加令人垂涎,诱人的焦糖色泽,玲珑的外形。This organic sweetener, less refined than table sugar, is found in many health-focused products -- so surely it must be healthier for you. Actually, it#39;s not.有机糖,一种比蔗糖少些精炼加工过程的糖分,存在于许多健康的食物中,所以对人更健康。事实并不是这样。Both raw sugar and table sugar are derived from sugarcane, although table sugar can also come from beets. Raw sugar is created when sugarcane juice is boiled once.原糖和蔗糖均是从甘蔗中提取,蔗糖也可以从甜菜根中获取。原糖是甘蔗汁煮沸一次得到的产物。This leaves some molasses in the product and gives the sugar its signature golden color.其中残留的糖蜜赋予其标志性的金色。Table sugar results from sugarcane juice that is boiled several times, a process that removes all of the molasses from the juice, hence its white color.蔗糖是甘蔗汁煮沸浓缩多次得来的,多次的煮沸过程基本除尽所有的糖蜜,故蔗糖无色。Some raw sugar boosters claim the molasses left in raw sugar contains valuable nutrients that our bodies can use.一些原糖持者称,原糖中残留的糖蜜含有人体可利用的宝贵营养。But most experts say there are only trace nutrients left -- tiny amounts that have no impact on our health. And for the record: Raw sugar and refined sugar have the same number of calories.但许多专家称原糖中仅残留了十分微量的营养——量非常少以至于对我们的健康没有显著助益。此外:原糖和精加工的糖含有等量的热量。So while they#39;re processed differently, they#39;re really pretty identical.所以尽管加工过程不同,他们真的没什么区别。6.Sugar-free Diets Are the Healthiest6.无糖饮食是最健康的OK, so we eat too much sugar. And artificial sweeteners or other forms of the sweet stuff, like raw sugar, aren#39;t any better than plain old table sugar. So maybe the answer is simply to cut all sugar out of our diets. Perhaps.好吧,我们吃了太多糖。人造甜味剂或者其它形态的甜物质,比如原糖并没有比普通蔗糖好到哪儿去。所以呢,可能就是在饮食中拒绝各种糖。But that is a complicated plan. Technically, if you were able to eliminate all sugar from your diet -- meaning eating solely foods where no sugar was added during its creation or afterward -- that might be the healthiest option.但却是一个复杂的计划。严格说,如果在饮食中把所有糖都去除,意思是说,在吃东西的时候没有任何添加的糖和在消化的过程中也没有糖产生—也许这是最健康的选择。But if your suggested ;sugar-free; diet means eating foods labeled ;sugar-free,; then that won#39;t fly.但是,如果你认为“无糖”饮食就是吃贴了“无糖”标签的食品,那么就大错特错啦。Foods that boast of being ;sugar-free; typically really aren#39;t. That#39;s because while the sugar has been yanked, it#39;s been replaced with an artificial sweetener.那些号称无糖食物其实是含糖的。是因为糖被提取出来后,被人造甜味剂取代了。That sweetener could be the pleasant-sounding honey or agave nectar; chemical-sounding sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol; or noncaloric sweeteners like saccharin (brand-name ;Sweet#39;N Low;) and sucralose (;Splenda;).这些甜味剂有好听的名字:蜜糖或龙舌兰蜜。化学叫法的糖醇有:山梨糖醇,甘露糖醇和木糖醇;无热量甜味素,比如,糖精(“Sweet#39;N Low”牌)和蔗糖素(Splenda)。Unfortunately, many of these alternative sweeteners are still high in carbohydrates and/or calories. And sugar alcohols are famous for causing stomachaches and diarrhea if they#39;re ingested in large quantities.许多的甜味剂同样是高糖、高热量的。糖醇大量摄入会引起胃疼和腹泻。Experts say the wisest strategy is to eat unprocessed foods, adding as little sugar as possible.专家建议,最好的策略就是吃原生态的食物,尽量不放糖。5.Don#39;t Eat Too Much (Sugary) Fruit5.不要吃太多(甜)水果There#39;s no denying it -- fruit contains sugar. A lot of it. Think of biting into a fresh, juicy peach or pear, and all of that sweet juice exploding in your mouth (or dribbling down your chin). Is it really so bad for you?不争的事实—水果含糖。含糖量不少。咬一口新鲜多汁的桃子或者梨,这些甜汁冲进嘴里(顺着下巴流下来)。这很不好吗?No. True, there#39;s a lot of sugar in fruit. But it#39;s natural sugar, or fructose, which is far healthier than added sugar.不会,水果富含糖分。是天然糖或者是左旋糖,远比添加的糖分健康得多。Fructose isn#39;t the only thing you#39;ll find in that peach or pear, though. Fruit is also filled with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that are great for your body, helping it fight disease, stabilize your blood sugar and more.桃子和梨不仅只含左旋糖,还含有,纤维素,抗氧化物,维他命和其它对身体有益的营养素,它们能够减少疾病,稳定血糖水平等。Fruit is also considered a low-density food, which means it makes you feel full and satisfied.水果是低密度的,容易有饱腹感和满足感。This is a positive, because if you#39;re satiated, you won#39;t eat too much fruit, nor will you be tempted to start noshing on something else that might not be nearly as healthy (say, a chewy chocolate chip cookie).这是具有积极作用的,因为一旦有了饱腹感,就不会吃太多水果,也不会吃其它不健康的食物(比如,巧克力曲奇)。So load up on fruit with no worries.多吃水果也是不用担心的。4.Sugar Causes Tooth Decay4.糖会引起蛀牙Ever go trick-or-treating at your dentist#39;s home as a kid, only to receive a pencil or sticker because, your dentist said, candy (sugar) will rot your teeth?或许你还记得还是孩子的时候,万圣节去你的牙医家要糖果,但只得到铅笔或贴纸作为礼物,因为牙医会说糖果(糖分)会腐蚀你的牙齿。Your dentist wasn#39;t totally wrong. If your teeth come in contact with sugary foods and drinks, decay can result. But that#39;s only if those sugary substances sit on your teeth for a long time.牙医并没有说错,如果你的牙齿与含糖的食物或饮料接触,并且这些物质在你的牙齿表面停留足够长的时间,就会引起蛀牙。Further, your teeth can also be damaged if all sorts of other foods are in contact with them for prolonged periods -- fruit, for example, or b or oatmeal.Even healthy veggies can wreak havoc on your teeth. Here#39;s why:而且如果你的牙齿和某些食物接触的时间过长,如面包或燕麦,甚至健康的蔬菜,牙齿也会遭到损害,为什么呢?A substance called plaque is what causes cavities. Plaque starts forming on your teeth the minute you eat or drink something.一种叫牙菌斑的物质会引起蛀牙,当你吃东西或者和饮料时,你的牙齿就会开始形成牙菌斑。If you don#39;t get rid of it, it will eventually erode the enamel on your teeth, creating tiny holes that are the very start of cavities.如果你不去除牙菌斑的话,它就会慢慢腐蚀牙釉质,在牙齿上钻出个小洞,小洞就是蛀牙形成的开始。To prevent tooth decay, then, it#39;s best to brush your teeth after eating. Even rinsing your mouth with water can help.为了防止蛀牙,你最好吃东西后就刷牙,或者漱口也行。If you#39;ve eaten foods that can easily get stuck in your teeth, like raisins, dry cereal, popcorn or raspberries, a thorough job of brushing, flossing and rinsing your teeth is critical.如果你吃了容易塞在牙缝里的东西,如葡萄干,干麦片,爆米花或覆盆子,你最好做一个全套的牙齿清洁,漱口、用牙线剔牙,再刷牙。 /201610/474048上饶做双眼皮的医院 But we never do anything... How about talking a romantic walk?但我们什么事情都还没做呢……一次浪漫散步怎么样啊?Cathy realizes it was a bad idea to get into a relationship with an ordinary stick凯蒂意识到与一根普通的木棍谈恋爱是个坏主意 /201702/490483上饶鄱阳县双眼皮多少钱

信州区妇幼保健人民中医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱Norwegians have more reason than ever to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.相比以往,挪威人现在多了一个庆祝国际幸福日的理由。After ranking fourth for the last two years, Norway jumped three spots and displaced three-time winner Denmark to take the title of ;world#39;s happiest country; for the first time.在过去两年连续排名第四之后,挪威今年上升了三位,取代了曾三次位居第一的丹麦,第一次成为“全世界最幸福的国家”。Denmark dropped to second place this year, followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Sweden (which tied for ninth place), according to the latest World Happiness Report, released last Monday by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the ed Nations.联合国可持续发展解决方案网络于上周一发布了最新世界幸福指数,丹麦今年的排名掉到了第二,其后是冰岛、瑞士、芬兰、荷兰和加拿大,新西兰、澳大利亚和瑞典则并列第九名。The ed States came in 14th place, dropping one place from last year. Germany came in 16th place, while the ed Kingdom moved up four spots to 19th place and Russia moved up seven spots to 49th place.美国位列第十四名,相比去年下降了一位。德国排在第十六名,而英国则上升四位,排在第十九,俄罗斯上升七位排在第四十九。Japan moved up two spots to 51st place, while China moved up four spots to 79th place.日本上升两位排在第五十一,中国则上升了四位排在第七十九。People in the Central African Republic are unhappiest with their lives, according to the survey of 155 countries, followed by Burundi (154), Tanzania (153), Syria (152) and Rwanda (151).在被调查的155个国家中,生活在中非共和国的人对生活最不满意,随后则是布隆迪(154),坦桑尼亚(153),叙利亚(152)和卢旺达(151)。 /201703/501143 One of the world#39;s largest meat processing companies is taking a 5-percent ownership stake in a company that produces plant-based faux meat products.世界最大的一家肉制品加工公司于日前购买了一家生产植物人造肉制品公司5%的所有权股份。Tyson Foods announced last Monday that it#39;s investing in Beyond Meat, a privately held company best known for creating the ;Beyond Burger,; a vegan burger that ;bleeds; beet juice.泰森食品公司上周一宣布将投资;超越肉类;公司。这是一家私营企业,以开发能流出甜菜汁的;超越素食汉堡;而著名。The amount Tyson is investing has not been disclosed, The New York Times reports.据《纽约时报》报道,泰森公司的投资数额尚未对外披露。;This investment by Tyson Foods underscores the growing market for plant protein,; said Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown in a Tyson press release.超越肉类公司创始人兼首席执行官伊森·布朗在泰森的新闻发布会上表示:;泰森食品公司的投资展示了越来越大的植物蛋白市场。;;I#39;m pleased to welcome Tyson as an investor and look forward to leveraging this support to broaden availability of plant protein choices to consumers.;;我很高兴地欢迎泰森公司作为投资者加入我们,我们很期待这能够帮助拓宽消费者对植物蛋白食品的选择。;Demand for plant-based meat alternatives is growing worldwide due to a variety of factors, including concerns about animal welfare, desires to eat healthier and increased awareness of industrial animal agriculture#39;s impacts on the environment and climate.世界范围内对植物人造肉的需求越来越大,原因有很多:担心动物福利、为了吃得更健康以及人们越来越关注工业化畜牧业对环境和气候的影响。Tyson#39;s not the only food giant hoping to cash in on trends spurred by eco-conscious consumers.有生态意识的消费者引领了各种趋势,泰森并不是唯一一家向这些趋势投资的食品业巨头。In May, processed meat leader Hormel Foods Corporation ― which makes Spam ― purchased Justin#39;s, an organic, vegetarian nut butter company based in Boulder, Colorado.5月份,加工肉制品领域的龙头老大荷美尔食品公司(就是生产世棒午餐肉的那个公司)收购了位于科罗拉多州波尔德、专门生产纯天然有机坚果酱贾斯汀氏公司。 /201610/473051铅山县无痛隆鼻收多少钱余干县哪家割双眼皮比较好



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